Living Costs

Student Living Costs in Newcastle

Your spending patterns may be very different while you're at university, particularly if you're living away from home. To help you budget, here's a guide to some of the main expenses you'll have as a student. Of course, how much you spend depends on your lifestyle.

Estimated monthly budget

The costs below are approximate for UK and EU students and you should use them as a guide only.

Accommodation (including utilities) £335-£715
Food £140-£200
Social activities £125-£275
Travel (local) £0-£60
Insurance £15-£25
Toiletries £30
Personal expenses (haircuts, clothes, dental costs etc) £75
Mobile phone £20-£45
Television licence £13

Living costs for our international students can be found on our international student finance page.

Cost examples explained


At Newcastle, we guarantee most first year students a place in University accommodation. Rents vary depending on distance from the University, room type and facilities. Your rent will usually include energy and water bills.


If you live in a catered hall of residence, some meals will be included in your rent.

Study costs

Costs will depend on the subject you are studying and can include:

  • books
  • stationery
  • photocopying
  • field trips
  • specialist materials or equipment

Social life

This is an important part of University life, so it's important you budget for it. How much you spend will depend on your interests and how much socialising you do.

If you want to make use of the University sports facilities, membership charges range from just under £5 to around £16 per month.

Travel costs

Depending on where you live, you may need to budget for daily bus or Metro journeys. You may also have to consider the cost of travelling to and from the University at the beginning and end of term.


In University accommodation, your rent includes contents insurance. You may want to consider additional insurance if you are bringing any items of particular value with you, eg a bike or laptop.


If you decide to have a television, the law requires that you have a licence.

For more additional costs, visit our additional costs page.