Pre-Entry Interviews Travel Expenses

If you're attending a pre-entry interview for one of the following courses at Newcastle University you could be entitled to receive expenses up to a maximum of £50 for your travel costs:

To claim travel expenses, you must also meet one of the following:

  • have been accepted onto the University’s PARTNERS Programme Supported Entry route
  • have entered the University through the Realising Opportunities Programme
  • have experienced Local Authority care for a period of longer than three months
  • live in an area of the UK from which very few students progress to higher education (officially defined as a Low Participation Neighbourhood). To check your postcode, email us on visit.bursary@ncl.ac.uk

Claiming Travel Expenses: A Guide for Students

Your eligibility will be confirmed by University staff, based on the information you provide on the Travel Expenses Form. Please follow all of the steps below to ensure you receive your reimbursement as soon as possible:

Step One

To claim travel expenses, download and complete the ‌Pre-Entry Interviews Travel Expenses Form (Jan 2019) (PDF: 137KB) and bring this along to your interview. Please indicate on your form which course you are attending an interview for, and the date of your interview.

Step Two

Unless you're claiming mileage, you'll also need to bring along travel tickets, receipts, or a copy of your booking confirmation (the cost of the transaction must be included on the ticket/booking confirmation) for the total cost of your journey, as this will be needed to verify your claim. If you require your ticket to travel home, staff at the interview will take a photocopy of the ticket. 

We are unable to accept photographs of tickets. If you are travelling by London Over/Underground, you will need to purchase a ticket in order to be reimbursed for this section of your journey; we are unable to reimburse transactions made on Oyster Card and other contactless payment cards.

Step Three

Make sure that all bank details are correct and clearly written on your Travel Expenses Form to avoid any delays in payment. If you are not using your own bank details to receive the reimbursement, please complete the ‘relationship to bank account holder’ section of the form as well as including the sort code and bank account number of the alternative bank account. Please note, our Finance department require this information for audit purposes.

Step Four

Make sure you sign and date the form; we are unable to process any forms which have not been signed by the applicant attending the interview

Step Five

Bring your completed Pre-Entry Interviews Travel Expenses Form along with you to your interview and hand this in to a member of staff.

Receiving the Payment

The University will process your claim and reimburse your expenses within three weeks of submitting your form (so long as all information is accurately provided).