ACE3905 : Research Project and Dissertation

Semester 1 Credit Value: 15
Semester 2 Credit Value: 15
ECTS Credits: 15.0


This module aims to develop the student’s ability to systematically conduct research and report the outcome of an in-depth investigation of a food marketing and nutrition topic by:
1. Integrating and extending knowledge and skills gained throughout the undergraduate programme; and
2. Encouraging students to work on their own initiative whilst being supported by the assessment processes and their respective supervisors.

Outline Of Syllabus

1. Introduction to the Module
•An introduction to the module and an in-depth look at “the dissertation”.

2. Choosing a Dissertation Topic and Research Design
•An overview of factors to consider when choosing a dissertation topic and a discussion of the typical forms of food marketing and nutrition dissertation research design.

3. Project Design and Management and Literature Review Considerations
•Planning and management of the project. An overview of the factors to consider when undertaking a literature review.

4. Methodological and Ethical Considerations
•An overview of both qualitative and quantitative primary data collection techniques and analytical considerations and potential requirements for ethical approval.

5. Presentation of Topic Proposal Teaching
•Each Student will be required to give a brief (5 minute presentation) of their project ideas. This is compulsory.

6. Requirements for the Progress Report
• Review of the assessment requirements for the progress report.

7. Requirements for the Final Dissertation
• Review of the formatting requirements for the final dissertation.

Teaching Methods

Teaching Activities
Teaching Rationale And Relationship

Lecture sessions are compulsory and provide a framework to help students think about their own research project. There are seven 1-2 hour programmed sessions. It is vital that students identify their dissertation topic by teaching week 4 of the semester. The first five plenary sessions are intended to help students draft their project plan with Plenary 5 giving an opportunity for students to present their working ideas to peers. Plenary 6 and 7 are to give guidance on the submission of the progress report and final dissertation.

Students will be appointed a supervisor on the basis of:
• Matching research interests of staff and students and/or
• Matching students with their personal tutors.

Dissertation supervisors are likely to be supervising several students. It is the responsibility of each student to discuss with their supervisors how best to proceed with supervisory meetings. Stduetns meet with their supervisor on a regular basis.

Assessment Methods

The format of resits will be determined by the Board of Examiners

Other Assessment
Description Semester When Set Percentage Comment
Dissertation2M80Maximum 9,000 words
Written exercise1M10Poster summarising project topic, background and aims and objectives
Written exercise1A10Literature review and project progress report (draft, up to 1500 words)
Assessment Rationale And Relationship

There are 3 pieces of continuous assessment: 1) project outline and aims presented a poster 10%; 2) 1500 word progress report 10%; 3) 9,000 word final dissertation 80%.
The project plan and progress report provide feedback from supervisors during the project development process. 2) feeds directly into 3) as the literature review forms a chapter of 3) the final dissertation. Each piece of assessment supports students in the development of their scholarly research skills (KO 1), enables students to develop a critical approach to the evaluation of evidence (KO 2), demonstrate the analysis of primary data (KO 3) and the ability to present a scholarly research project (KO 4).

Reading Lists