LSP2061 : Level C (HE Advanced) Spanish

Semester 1 Credit Value: 10
Semester 2 Credit Value: 10
ECTS Credits: 10.0


In consonance with the overall aims of the degrees offered in the SML, this module will:

- focus on further developing the students' written communicative and oral/aural competence in the foreign language gained in LSP1071
- prepare students for the future study of the language
- facilitate students' ability to establish and maintain effective social and working relations with speakers of the foreign language in written and spoken media during their intercalary year.

Teaching in weekly 2 hour language classes will focus on communication while weekly one-hour grammar lectures will focus on the formal structures of the language. All four skills (listening, reading, writing and speaking) are fully integrated in the language classes and will be assessed. Themes addressed in the language classes include: the Hispanic world, youth issues, education, the environment, health and transport.

Outline Of Syllabus

Communication: development of spoken and written communicative competence by study of the following thematic programme dealing with a range of aspects of Spanish and Latin American culture and contemporary society:

1. El mundo hispano
2. La sociedad
3. Literatura
4. La educacion
5. Los jovenes
6. El medio ambiente
7. El mundo del trabajo
8. El ocio y la cultura
9. La salud
10. La vivienda y el transporte

- further study and practice of a wide-ranging coverage of the grammar system of modern Spanish including the noun, adjectives, adverbs, articles, the major tenses, the indicative and subjunctive moods; and
- further systematic development of lexis in a wide range of contemporary themes and settings.

Teaching Methods

Teaching Activities
Category Activity Number Length Student Hours Comment
Scheduled Learning And Teaching ActivitiesLecture221:0022:00N/A
Scheduled Learning And Teaching ActivitiesSmall group teaching441:0044:00Language Classes
Guided Independent StudyIndependent study1134:00134:00N/A
Teaching Rationale And Relationship

Teaching in the language classes will focus on communication while the grammar lectures will focus on the formal structures of the language. All four skills: listening, reading, writing and speaking are fully integrated in the language classes and will be assessed.

Independent learning and learner autonomy are further developed through the means of portfolio tasks, pair and group work and self-study at home and in the Language Resource Centre. Particular initiative is expected from students at this level, e.g. course participants will be asked to contribute their own materials to the classes.


Assessment Methods

The format of resits will be determined by the Board of Examiners

Description Length Semester When Set Percentage Comment
Oral Examination152M20N/A
Aural Examination502M20N/A
Written Examination1502A40N/A
Other Assessment
Description Semester When Set Percentage Comment
Prof skill assessmnt1M203 continuous assessed tasks, 2 in sem 1 and 1 in sem 2.
Assessment Rationale And Relationship

- One 150 minute examination on reading, writing and grammar in Semester 2 (40%)
- One oral Examination in Semester 2 (20%)
- One listening test in Semester 2 (20%)
- A portfolio of 3 written pieces of coursework (the 2 best submissions will count towards the final mark; submission deadlines to be set by module leader) (20%)

Continuous assessment helps students assess their progress throughout the year in the four skills and grammar providing formative, regular feedback and stimulating independent learning.

The formal examination provides summative information to staff and students on students' achievements in the module.

Resit as written examination i.e. 150 minutes assessing reading, writing and grammar

Reading Lists