SML1023 : Language Project for Students of International Business Management

Semester 1 Credit Value: 10
Semester 2 Credit Value: 10
ECTS Credits: 10.0


The aim of this module is to provide students with:
•       Familiarity with the language related to a given topic (related to the student's discipline).
•       The ability to research a topic and give a short presentation in the target language about it.
•       The ability to produce a written report on this topic in the foreign language.
•       The ability to devise their own self-study plan according to their needs.
•       The ability to evaluate their own performance.
•       The ability to report on the strategies and methods used throughout the process of producing the report.

The module is aimed at students on the International Business Management degree programme. While studying general language (within FRE1071/GER1071/SPA1071) alongside this module, in this course they will be given the opportunity to work on more business-related language – resulting in an extensive individual project in the foreign language. Students will be taught in plenary sessions as well as in language-specific groups.

The module will provide learner training and students will be encouraged to experiment with a variety of language learning strategies, identifying the ones that are most suitable to their individual needs. Self-analysis and reflection will be practised and assessed throughout the course.

Outline Of Syllabus

Semester 1:
•       Introduction to the course
•       Reinforcing students’ language learning skills
•       Setting up individual self-study plans
•       Self- and peer assessment
•       Preparing for the project and project presentation

Semester 2:
•       Focus on writing skills
•       Error-analysis
•       Setting up individual self study plans
•       Self- and peer assessment
•       Extended project research

Teaching Methods

Teaching Activities
Category Activity Number Length Student Hours Comment
Scheduled Learning And Teaching ActivitiesSmall group teaching241:0024:00N/A
Scheduled Learning And Teaching ActivitiesDrop-in/surgery121:0012:00N/A
Guided Independent StudyIndependent study1164:00164:00N/A
Teaching Rationale And Relationship

•       In the seminar sessions, students of French, Spanish and German are taught together. These sessions offer guidance on how to manage an extended project and cope with the added difficulties of presenting/writing subject-specific reports in a foreign language. Specific strategies for self-assessment are also introduced so that students learn to monitor their progress.
•       Tutorials with a language tutor ensure that, in addition to general guidance, students gain language-specific feedback (e.g. a full, corrected draft of their final report) and guidance on language-specific sources of information.
•       Most of the work for this module is in the form of private study, covering research, writing assignments and self-assessment.

Assessment Methods

The format of resits will be determined by the Board of Examiners

Description Length Semester When Set Percentage Comment
Oral Presentation101M30Held in week 10 and/or 11 (one session for German and two for each of French and Spanish)
Other Assessment
Description Semester When Set Percentage Comment
Prof skill assessmnt1M20The transcript and analysis of language used in the presentation. To be submitted in week 12.
Written exercise2M10Draft of written report (500-700 words) and executive summary (200-250 words). To submit in week 6.
Written exercise2M40Final written report (2000 words). To submit in week 12.
Formative Assessments
Description Semester When Set Comment
Written exercise2MTasks will be set during the year to provide guidance on how to approach summative projects to reinforce oral & writing skills
Assessment Rationale And Relationship

The oral presentation (30% weighting) constitutes the final product of semester one and is complemented by a transcription and analysis of the language used (grammar and vocabulary) which weighs 20%.

The written business report (40% weighting) constitutes the final product of semester two and it is an elaboration of a previous draft and an executive summary (10% weighting).
The production process for both projects is based on continuous formative tasks that promote reflection and self-assessment.

Reading Lists