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Qualifications and Experience

Qualifications and Experience

The specific qualifications and experience required for individual positions are given in the details attached to each vacancy.

The following is a general guide to the level of qualifications and experience associated with each of our staff groups:

  • academic and research - usually a postgraduate or equivalent professional qualification
  • clinical academic - appropriate clinical qualification and relevant registration
  • professional and administrative - usually a first degree, professional qualification or equivalent
  • technical and IT - appropriate qualifications or experience up to and including first degree or equivalent
  • administrative support - office experience and increasingly academic or professional qualifications up to first degree or equivalent
  • facilities support - relevant practical skills from basic work experience up to fully skilled trades and beyond

For qualifications and experience required for specific jobs, search our current vacancies.

You need good qualifications in related fields in order to gain employment with us.
You need good qualifications and experience, usually in a related field, in order to gain employment with us.