Student and Staff Wellbeing

Service Statement


Our vision is of an inclusive learning and research environment where all are valued members of a diverse and supportive University community and are enabled to fulfill their potential.


Student Health and Wellbeing will promote best practice across all sections of the University by providing an integrated and professional service for staff and students.


  • To provide a high quality, anticipatory service that will ensure equality of opportunity for all students.
  • To encourage greater cooperation and working partnerships across all areas of the university.
  • To work pro-actively to develop, evaluate and improve support mechanisms to enhance the student experience.
  • To be a centre of expertise and good practice for staff in supporting students.


In seeking to achieve these aims we will ensure that we:

  • actively promote our services and the University to potential students, existing students and staff
  • deploy our resources as efficiently as possible and ensure our services meet the needs of our diverse student population
  • nurture working partnerships across all areas of the University
  • provide an information and support service for staff supporting students in a pastoral capacity
  • work with colleagues in other Services to maintain and improve the quality of information and support available to our students and other stakeholders throughout the academic year
  • maintain and monitor robust feedback and evaluation procedures
  • maintain the expertise of our staff by encouraging them to seek opportunities for continuing personal development
  • monitor developments in research and legislation to continuously improve/update our services
  • provide reliable information, advice and guidance to clients who approach us with wellbeing issues

Values underpinning the service

We believe in offering a free, confidential and inclusive services to all students:

  • all students seeking to access our services deserve equal treatment, regardless of background, age, religion or belief, race, ethnicity, gender, marital of family status, sexual orientation, or disability
  • all users of our services deserve equal respect and the best possible quality of service. In return, we expect to be treated with respect by our users and will not tolerate abusive behaviour. See our policy on zero tolerance for further information
  • all our staff should be co-operative, approachable and dedicated to providing an excellent service