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Survivor Support Service

Supporting survivors of hate crime, hate incidents, sexual violence, and spiking

Our Survivor Support Service is here for students who have experienced any form of hate crime, hate incidents, sexual violence and spiking since coming to the University.

We know that seeking support and guidance after experiencing a distressing or traumatic incident is not always an easy decision to make. There are all kinds of reasons why you may be worried about seeking help. We understand this and our Survivor Support Service will be with you as you begin to make decisions about your support and reporting options.

Support from our service is confidential unless we believe that you or others are in immediate danger. Telling us what has happened and seeking support will not trigger any formal reporting or complaints processes either with the University or the Police.

We support survivors regardless of their gender, race or ethnicity, disability, age, or any other part of your identity.

If you have experienced Domestic Abuse or are worried you could be experiencing Domestic Abuse you can find information about support available from the University here.

You can use the links below to tell us about what has happened and/or refer yourself into the Survivor Support Service.

1. I am a student or I am disclosing on behalf of a student 

2. I am a colleague reporting my own experience(s)


Frequently Asked Questions

Important note on the Survivor Support Service

We understand that talking about what has happened may be difficult, and it can be helpful to understand some basics about the service.

  • Our Survivor Support Service sits within Student Health and Wellbeing Services. We provide safe, confidential support and guidance for survivors. This service is separate from the University reporting and complaints process – this is managed by the Student Progress Service. Using our disclosure and referral form or getting support from the Survivor Support Service does not automatically trigger a formal report or formal complaint to the Student Progress Team.
  • ‘Disclosure’ refers to any information you tell us via our online disclosure and referral form, or anything you tell the Survivor Support Service about.
  • 'Report' and ‘formal report’ - refers to a report made to either the Student Progress Service or the Police. The Student Progress Team manage the Student Disciplinary Procedures - for more information click here

Survivor Resources

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