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Covid-19 Update: University accommodation (19.03)

Covid-19 Update: Message to students in University accommodation- 19 March 2020

A message to students in University accommodation.

Dear students,

You will now have heard the recent advice that the UK Government is taking with regard to Covid 19.  This includes vulnerable members of the public to socially distance themselves as well as advice to stay away from offices, pubs and restaurants.  The University has also communicated with you in regards to this and have advised that, where possible, students should return home.

Please take the time to read this email in full as there is important information and actions you need to take.

The Accommodation Services has reviewed the service level it is able to offer within our Residences. We will be concentrating on four main areas of service delivery:

1. Monitoring fire alarms across all residences
2. Cleaning communal areas only, which means we will no longer enter your flat/corridor to clean any common area such as kitchens and bathrooms
3. Urgent/emergency repairs such as fire, flood and loss of power
4. Refuse collection for students who are self-isolating

We would ask that you please try not to lock yourself out of your room as with reduced staffing we may not be able to react quickly, meaning that you may have to wait to gain access to your room.

All ResLife activities have been postponed.  For now, we anticipate running ResLife drop-in sessions, which may be virtually across our villages, but this may be subject to change.  

Reception areas will be operating reduced hours and duties in most areas and further information is available at the end of this email.

Our aim is to do everything we can, to stop the spread of the virus, but we need your help to:  

1. Ensure good personal hygiene - soap and water is the best way to protect yourself and others, remember to clean your hands well for 20 seconds
2. Clean up after yourself in your accommodation, both in the kitchen and bathroom
3. Reduce the number of visitors to your accommodation. The more people you mix with, the more chance you have of spreading the virus
4. If you have been advised to self-isolate, please follow the Public Health England guidelines This means NOT going out in public including NOT going to shops.  If you don’t have any support from friends/family, please contact us and we will facilitate getting supplies to you.
5. If you are in self-isolation, please remember that smoking is prohibited in your accommodation and puts you and others at risk of fire.  Please DO NOT smoke in your accommodation.


Action from you:

We need to find out your plan relating to accommodation and whether you choose to return home or to stay in residence.  We would be grateful if you can complete the form below to advise us of your intentions:  

If you are returning home, visit

If you plan to stay in your accommodation, visit

We are compiling a list of FAQs for our residents which will be made available on the University website with all other information regarding Covid 19.

If you need any help or support, please email your residence reception (details available on the residence page of our website) and we will respond as soon as possible.

On behalf of Accommodation Service


Information on Reception Service Levels

Reception hours of staffing

- Front facing reception services will be limited with immediate effect.  The receptions at Bowsden, Kensington Terrace, Park View and Castle Leazes will be open from 10am – 12pm.  
- The reception’s telephone line and email will be monitored between the following times:
- Bowsden Court and St Mary’s College – 8am-12pm
- Park View Student Village, Castle Leazes, Kensington Terrace – 8am–5pm
- Outside of these times, you should contact Estate Security Service on 0191 208 6817.


- Reception will be unable to accept deliveries on your behalf.  Staff will be advising couriers to attempt delivery directly to your flat but will have limited resources to do this.  It is recommended that you only order essential items for home delivery.
- If you are self-isolating and have ordered food for delivery from a supermarket, access will be provided for the delivery person to leave the delivery at your flat entrance. To arrange access, please contact your reception phone number.

Replacement keys

- You are advised to always make sure that you have your keys and your mobile phone on your person at all times when leaving your bedroom.  
- If you do lose your keys/or a key card does not work, you should contact your site reception via the telephone.  You will be asked security questions to verify your identity.  You will then be advised on how your replacement keys will be provided to you.  

Maintenance fault reporting

- If you have a maintenance issue, you should report this via email, phone or via our reporting app.  Information can be found here:
- Where possible, we would encourage you to take a photo of the maintenance issue and email it to your reception email address.  This will allow our maintenance team to assess the urgency of your issue.

Alarm reporting

- All alarms will continue to be monitored as normal.

Returning of keys

- If you are leaving the accommodation and want to return your keys, please do so by putting them in an envelope with your name and room number on and put them into your site’s departure box, which can be found in reception or in your block.  If you are unsure on the location of this, please call reception.