Student Wellbeing

Long-term Mental Health Conditions

Long-term Mental Health Conditions

Support and advice for students with long-term conditions

If you disclose a long-term mental health condition, supported by recent medical evidence, you may be able to access reasonable adjustments and support to help you engage in your studies. This could include liaising with academic schools about student support recommendations and also with the examinations’ office regarding additional examination arrangements.

The mental health team work with students who have long-term mental health difficulties – this means the difficulties are ongoing and that they have either:

• been apparent for a period for at least 12 months; or
• are likely to last for an overall period of at least 12 months

This may, for example, include students who have one or more of the following diagnoses: psychosis, depression, anxiety, eating disorders, bipolar disorder and personality disorder.

If you’re a UK student, you may also be eligible to apply for Disabled Students’ Allowances (DSAs). The mental health team can help with this process and can assist you with any questions that you may have.

The mental health team don’t offer specialist treatment for students with long-term mental health conditions as these are provided by specialist mental health services in the NHS. If you are accessing input from the team, you may be offered advice about how to access external specialist mental health assessment and treatment services.

If you’re applying to study at Newcastle University and have a long-term mental health condition for which you may require support while studying, please contact the Student Wellbeing Service prior to commencing your course. Advice, information and guidance is available at all stages of your university career.

You can contact the team by email at