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Wellbeing Groups

Butterflies and Knots - how to cope with anxiety

Facilitator: Sarah Patterson

If you’re feeling, tense, shy, impatient, pressurised or low in confidence then this group should be of great benefit. It is our aim that you will identify how your tensions and/or insecurities manifest themselves, discover and harness inner resources to relieve and manage these and make life feel a whole lot lighter...

The group is psychoeducational, based on CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy). We use a blend of information-giving and exercises to bring the theory to life and stimulate discussions.

Topics such as understanding more deeply exactly what anxiety is; looking at the standards we set ourselves; numerous methods for reducing stress, improving sleep and time management; practicing skills such as assertion and communication are all included. We finish each session with a different relaxation exercise to help calm the body and still the mind.

In order to ensure that this group can help meet your needs, please contact us to arrange an assessment appointment.