Student Wellbeing

Online CBT

Online CBT

Silvercloud is available to all Newcastle University students, free of charge. Silvercloud is a suite of online CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) programmes, which can be tailored to a student’s specific needs.

Why Use Silvercloud?

CBT can help you to identify and change thought patterns that have a negative influence on behaviour, helping to change how you feel, for the better. Silvercloud's online CBT programmes can be accessed anywhere on a PC, tablet or mobile and are easy to use.

Self sign-up Wellbeing programmes include:

  • Space for Sleep
  • Space for Resilience
  • Space for Perinatal Wellbeing
  • Space from Money Worries
  • Space from Stress
  • Space for Positive Body Image
  • Space from COVID-19

As well as the self sign-up options, you could be supported through some of our Mental Health programmes(*) by one of our practitioners:

  • Space from Anxiety*
  • Space for Panic*
  • Space from Social Anxiety*
  • Space from Depression*
  • Space from Depression & Anxiety*
  • Space from GAD*
  • Space from OCD
  • Space for Phobia
  • Space from Health Anxiety
  • Bipolar Toolkit

There are also programmes to help with mental health and Chronic Health issues:

  • Space in Chronic Pain from Depression & Anxiety
  • Space in COPD from Depression & Anxiety
  • Space in CHD from Depression & Anxiety
  • Space in Diabetes from Depression & Anxiety
  • Space from Diabetic Distress
  • Space in Multiple sclerosis from Depression & Anxiety
  • Space in Rheumatoid arthritis from Depression & Anxiety

Silvercloud has been developed over ten years and has helped many students improve their mental health.

If you are studying in the UK and would like a practitioner to guide you through one of the mental health programmes identified above, you are welcome to contact Student Services and make a request to discuss this option with a member of the team.