Student and Staff Wellbeing

Wellbeing Workshops

Wellbeing Workshops

Building Confidence in Social Situations (Part 1)

Would you like to overcome shyness and gain confidence in interpersonal interactions? Do you worry about meeting new people? Does anxiety interfere with socialising? Try this workshop to develop tips for feeling good about yourself. We will explore self-acceptance and change your critical self-talk.

Building Confidence in Social Situations (Part 2)

Would you like to overcome shyness and gain confidence in interpersonal interactions? Do you worry about meeting new people? Does anxiety interfere with socialising? Try this workshop to learn tools to manage these issues and develop a plan to move forward at your own pace through a gradual exposure stepped approach. Build up resilience to cope with criticism, rejections, feelings of awkwardness and set-backs. Attendance at Building Confidence in Social Situations (Part 1) is advised ahead of this workshop.

How to Sleep 

Good enough sleep, not too much and not too little, is a cornerstone of our physical and mental health. Unfortunately, a healthy amount of sleep is not always easy to achieve. This workshop will tell you all you need to know about:

  • why sleep matters,
  • the barriers to healthy sleep, and , most importantly,
  • what you can do to improve your chances of getting a good night’s sleep

Assertion – how to communicate well and improve relationships

Do you find it hard to say “no” to others or stick up for yourself? Do you find yourself getting angry or festering silently rather than being able to clearly say how you think and feel? If you’ve answered “yes” to any of above, then come along for this stimulating workshop, where our aim is that you leave feeling empowered to communicate well and get far more of your needs met - in all your relationships!

How to manage anxiety and stress - part I

“Why is my heart pounding? Why are my hands sweating? Why can’t I concentrate? Why do I feel so keyed up and anxious? Is it just me that feels like this”? …

These are just some of the questions that will be answered in this workshop. By the end of it, our aim is that you will understand what anxiety is; how it is triggered and how it is maintained which can be incredibly comforting and empowering to know. Follow this workshop with part II, for great practical ways of managing anxiety.

How to manage anxiety and stress part II

With a diverse mix of relaxation exercises; video clips; problem solving solutions and stimulating discussions, this workshop has been designed to help equip you with some fabulous tools and techniques for decreasing the debilitating symptoms of stress and anxiety. There is no need to have attended part I, but this would be beneficial. 

Introduction to Mindfulness

This workshop aims to provide an introduction to mindfulness and how this approach can enhance your wellbeing. The benefits of mindfulness are explored in a way that can help you identify and incorporate this approach into your life to make a meaningful difference.  The focus is on connecting with your mind and learning how awareness gives space to being in the “here and now”. This will include some practical grounding exercises, and links to further resources.


Most of us are familiar with the struggle to complete a task as we can find ourselves procrastinating. This workshop aims to develop practical strategies to help you break any procrastination habits you may have. We will not be looking at the underlying reasons why we procrastinate, rather focussing on practical ways to positively change this behaviour.


This session is designed to help you understand the factors that contribute to increased symptoms of stress and how these are maintained. This is an opportunity to understand the difference between stress and distress and discuss coping strategies to help build the resilience to cope more effectively.

Bereavement and Loss Support Group - parts I & II

Have you experienced bereavement and loss?

Do you feel you would benefit from learning more about grief and the impacts it has on us all, as well as finding ways of managing your own feelings of grief?

Would you like to hear from others who have also lost someone and may be experiencing something similar to you?

The bereavement and loss support group is run in two parts over two weeks and will offer all of this in a safe space with the support of therapists from the Wellbeing team. The group will provide a space to explore the above as a group, to hopefully feel less alone in grief and hear perspectives and insights you may not have considered.

This group is limited to a maximum number of participants so please register as soon as you can. Please also be aware that attendance at both parts of this group is recommended.


To book onto any of the wellbeing workshops listed above please visit or if you have any queries please email