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Maternity and Student Leave

Maternity and Student Leave

Financial Support

Finance during your maternity leave: Student loan/grants

If you are a full time UK undergraduate student and have to take time out due to pregnancy or caring responsibilities you may be able to request that your student finance continues to be paid during your period of suspension. This is a decision entirely at the discretion of your assessment authority (eg Student Finance England). Contact your assessment authority for further advice.

You will probably be asked to make a written request asking for your student finance to continue to be paid to you during your suspension. It may be beneficial if you are able to provide supporting evidence outlining the financial difficulties or hardship you would experience if your student finance payments ceased as well as outlining why you are unable to find alternative sources of income. You should also provide evidence of any ongoing financial commitments you have (eg mortgage or rent payments).

Student Financial Support Fund

If you are full-time UK student and have to take time out due to pregnancy or caring responsibilities you may be eligible to apply to the discretionary Student Financial Support Fund if you experience financial difficulties.  If you submit a hardship application you should provide evidence outlining the reasons for your suspension as well as evidence from your School confirming the date you are expected to resume your studies. Undergraduate students would also need to demonstrate that they have tried to access their student finance during their period of suspension (see above).

Please note you can only apply for the above support if you are on suspension of studies with a return date to your course. If you withdraw from your course, you will no longer be classed as a student and will become ineligible for financial support.

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