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Suicide Prevention and Distressed Students

Suicide Prevention and Supporting Students in Distress

Suicide Prevention

Newcastle University seeks to do all it can provide a safe and healthy environment for all our whole university community and we recognise that Suicide is one of the most distressing and complex of societal challenges.

There are many factors that can lead a person to experience suicidal thoughts or actions including social, psychological, and cultural factors. For many people, a suicide attempt may occur after an extended period of suicidal thoughts; while for others, it may be more impulsive, yet we know suicide is often preventable.  As such we have developed a strategy which aims to provide a whole University approach to suicide prevention and have aligned this with Universities UK’s Step Change: Healthy Universities, and UUK guidance ‘Suicide-Safer Universities’

This strategy will remain an active agile  document to ensure further opportunities to identify proactive action are taken, the most appropriate support agencies are up to date and risk factors are continually monitored. Further documents including an action plan, procedures and guidance will be created by a Working Group and owned by the University Health and Wellbeing Sub-Committee. 

Get help here if you are concerned about the risk of suicide at any point.

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Supporting Students in Distress

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