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We are a world-class university with a strong international community and reputation. Working together with our partners, we're carrying out research to help tackle global challenges.

Our motto ‘From Newcastle, For the world’ emphasises our aim to make a difference to our:

  • world and regions
  • community of students, colleagues, and alumni

At Newcastle University, we work to foster collective citizenship. This is based on global awareness and egalitarian respect for difference. Our teaching, learning, research and engagement have global reach embedded at their core.

Global presence and impact

We work closely with our exceptional partner institutions from around the world to deliver research and education which has global impact.

A global experience

We enable our students and staff to gain a global experience through student exchanges, work experience and language resources.

Shared understanding

We aim to develop and embed a consistent understanding of and approach to internationalisation across the University.

We need internationalisation to be threaded throughout the University here and abroad, at all levels, from the activities of our students through to those of staff.

Professor Richard Davies, Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Global)

Our Global Partnerships

Newcastle University hosts a strong international community of students from more than 120 different countries. Our staff are also from more than 80 countries, all working towards a global experience, reputation and impact.

None of this would be possible without the world-leading cross-cultural interactions. We work alongside over 200 university, industry, charity and government partners from across the globe.

These varied and wide-ranging partnerships allows us to deliver:

  • global presence and impact
  • a global experience
  • shared understanding

If you would like to discuss a global partnership with Newcastle University, please contact us at

Life for international students on campus.

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We want best practice from our partner universities to inform the work that we do in Newcastle. We want to learn from their excellent teaching and/or research. It’s very much a two-way process.

Professor Richard Davies, Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Global)

Contact us

If you're interested in finding out more about international relations at Newcastle University email: