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Celebrating 150 years
of innovation


Celebrating 150 years
of innovation

In 2021, we celebrated 150 years of Science, Agriculture and Engineering at Newcastle University.

Making a difference

A huge amount has changed in the past 150 years. One thing has stayed the same - our commitment to making a difference.

We're educating the next generation of experts and tackling the biggest challenges facing our planet. Our innovative work has always focused on making a difference to people’s lives.

Our students, staff and local community have all played a part in making Newcastle University the place it is today. Join us as we reflect on the last 150 years and look forward to the next 150 and beyond.

150 years of history

The College of Physical Science was established in Newcastle in 1871. In those days, it was part of a division of the federal University of Durham.

Over the years, the College saw a number of changes, being renamed as Armstrong College in 1904. It then merged with the School of Medicine and Surgery to become King’s College in 1937.

The College was renowned for teaching key disciplines such as mathematics, science, art and literature. Where it really began to shine was in its innovative approach to applied sciences.

A hub for cutting-edge research

Newcastle was a hub of industrial activity at the time. The College played a key role in establishing the city as a centre for industry. It was also a hub for cutting-edge research in regionally important disciplines. These included geology, mining, naval architecture, agriculture and engineering.

Global institution

The College became Newcastle University as we know it today in 1963.

Since then we’ve grown to become a truly global institution. We have campuses in Singapore and Malaysia and students and staff from all over the world.

We're meeting the changing needs of the world

Our trans-disciplinary strengths have evolved to meet the changing needs of the world. They address a range of global challenges including harnessing the power of Data and learning to live sustainably on our One Planet.

Though much has changed, our core aims have stayed the same. We have an impact for our community, our region, and the wider world.

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The people and milestones that have shaped us

During the past 150 years, there have been countless life-changing moments that have made Newcastle University what it is today. From pioneering computing education to discovering new species of fish, it’s been an eventful century and a half to say the least.

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We're proud to have thousands of alumni from across science, agriculture and engineering. From comedians to captains of industry, politicians to Olympic medallists, many are having a profound impact on our world.

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