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Company Creations Section

The central Company Creation activity comprises a small team of professional staff with extensive, hands-on experience of creating and successfully managing technology businesses.

Its core objective is to contribute to the creation of a new innovation based eco-system of high technology, innovative commercial companies that have been spun-out from university research.

The Company Creation team will work with founder academics, faculty based Research and Enterprise Services teams and an extensive network of external business managers and funders to help create a successful new business.

Company Creation support includes:

  • Reviewing the business opportunity
  • Assistance with recruitment of external management
  • Development of the business value proposition
  • Preparation of the business plan, including determining funding requirements
  • Identification and securing of appropriate initial seed capital from its network of funders
  • Provision of initial business advice
  • Signposting to external support network provisions

As a core element of its role, the Company Creation team has launched the Northern Accelerator programme.

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