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MSc Digital Technology Solutions

MSc Digital Technology Solutions

Helping experienced professionals further knowledge in data analytics or cyber security

MSc Digital Technology Solutions - network

Degree apprenticeships help you develop the skilled workforce your business needs. 

This course is designed specifically for employers to help upskill their staff and bring in skills in business critical areas, including cyber security and data analytics.

We currently run a postgraduate degree apprenticeship with two study streams: cyber security technology and data analytics. The programme is designed to help experienced professionals further their knowledge in either data analytics or cyber security, allowing them to tackle to challenges of today’s increasingly digital world.

Because of our sector leading expertise, the programmes at Newcastle University are unique and will do more than simply enhance the skills in your organisation.

Apprenticeships have shown to improve productivity and drive innovation across the employers that use them. Our programme will further enhance this by enabling your employees to network and share ideas and best practice with IT professionals from a range of industries and backgrounds. This will help bring fresh ideas and working practices into your business, enabling you to supercharge your data analytics or cyber security capacity.

In addition, by enabling staff to network with other high performing apprentices and future leaders, you can establish valuable business connections that can help you establish new partnerships and relationships