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Continuing Professional Development Courses

Centre for Professional and Executive Development

Our courses help meet the growing demand for professional skills development from all kinds of businesses and organisations, in the UK and around the world.

The benefits of investing in skills and knowledge development at Newcastle include:

  • access to knowledge and skills to exploit the latest technologies and tools
  • access to leading teaching expertise, facilities, and online resources
  • tailored courses developed in collaboration with a wide range of organisations
  • professional body accreditation on many existing degree programmes
  • verification of learning through University assessment
  • flexible delivery, in-house or on campus, taking into account impact on your business

We develop and deliver a wide range of new high level and high quality courses for UK and international employers including:

  • NHS
  • Environment Agency
  • Ministry of Education in Nigeria
  • China State Tax Office. 

They tell us that these courses are improving their organisational quality, productivity and profitability. The courses also influence our undergraduate teaching. This ensures that the next generation of the workforce have the skills to support your long term success.