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Case Studies

Case Studies

We have a number of case studies which illustrate the way Newcastle University developed and delivered high level and high quality courses for employers coming from a range of industries and types of organisations in the public and private sector.


In response to the learning needs and criteria identified, the University developed a post graduate level Dental Implant Course.

Creative Development

Due to curriculum change, which placed more emphasis on creative opportunity for pupils, schools were expected to get young people using their imagination. We worked closely with advisers and consultants to develop a course to raise the confidence of teachers in the area of creative writing. 

Quality by Design

Methods of pharmaceutical development are changing more rapidly than the skills base in the bioprocessing industries. Organisations of all sizes need to ensure that staff can function effectively within the new regulatory frameworks arising from changes made by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).


A lack of skills in geosciences has been recognised in recent years as a national problem. The School of Civil Engineering and Geosciences responded to this gap by introducing a new flexible learning MSc programme in Applied Hydrogeology and Water Management.

Minimal Access Surgery

The postgraduate certificate in Minimal Access Surgery – keyhole surgery - is the latest in a number of new courses developed by Newcastle University to address employer training needs for the NHS and regional industry.

Ordnance Survey

Staff from the Geospatial Engineering group within the School of Engineering worked alongside Ordnance Survey staff to develop a three day course that would increase staff understanding of GNSS

Beijing China North Industries Group

Newcastle University was selected as the preferred supplier for 19 Directors, senior managers and senior engineers from China North Industries Group Corporation.