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Enterprise Academy

The Enterprise Academy

Increasingly, we are expected to create impact from the public funding that we receive. ​The Enterprise Academy exists to act as bridge between academia, businesses and social enterprises, helping to increase the reach and impact of the University's innovative endeavours both regionally, nationally and internationally.

Impact can take a number of different forms, including economic, health, social and environmental.  Often, impact comes from working with business and may result in a new product or service or bring about a socioeconomic or environmental benefit.

We have a professional Business Development and Enterprise team in place to direct our work with business and our case studies show just some of our successes.

From Newcastle. For Business.

The Enterprise Academy will provide training for colleagues around:

  • how to engage with commercial enterprises
  • different routes to commercialisation
  • understanding market forces
  • consulting/collaborating with business

We organise seminars and networking events, giving colleagues and industrialists the chance to network and exchange experiences in an informal setting. 

Next Event: Innvent, Innvest, Inncome, Innovation: No room at the Inn?

Tuesday 12 January at 1pm - 2pm

Hosted by the Newcastle Wellcome Trust Translational Partnership and Newcastle University’s Enterprise Academy

True innovation by its very nature requires elements of risk and uncertainty. But the level of risk often required for successful translation and innovation makes people feel uncomfortable, especially in situations where reputations are at stake. This discomfort draws people into group think and traveling down the ‘usual pathways’ to arrive at a safer solution. These situations require a Tenth Man, someone who is outside of the development group that can challenge assumptions, ask the difficult questions, provide a counter point and suggest possible solutions.

In this FREE online event Jim Dawton, Professional Tenth Man will lead a conversation in challenging the assumptions in innovation.

Registration for this event has now closed.