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Arrow: Supporting Innovation in the North East

Arrow: Supporting Innovation in the North East

Growing your own business comes with a host of challenges. Not least finding the time, the expertise and the funds to innovate. Arrow can help you take your next steps.

Are you looking to develop new products, processes or services?

Whether your business innovation aim is to develop a new product or service, access new markets or gain market share, Arrow can pair you up with academics, innovators and experts to help you grow your business. 

How does it work?

"I need the right expertise."

The Arrow team will work with you to develop your idea into a project brief. They will translate your big idea into tangible next steps. This includes:

  • aims
  • requirements
  • deliverables
  • risks
  • timelines

A fully funded project team will give your SME access to innovation specialists and world-class researchers.

You'll also receive guidance from our other partners, including:

A man draws a diagram on a board in a business meeting.

"I need more funding."

Often, it’s financial restraints that hold you back when it comes to business innovation. This scheme offers up to £10,000 of match funding.

Our 50/50 funding partnership with your SME will let you buy services or equipment from third parties for:

  • proof of concept and validation
  • survey and feasibility testing
  • product design, development and prototyping
  • analysis and testing
  • commercial and contract research

Can Arrow help me?

If you’re in need of help with business expansion and to grow your business, take the next steps with Arrow.

If you need more information on how we could help you, take a look at the video and our case studies below.

"For a short project, it has produced a lot of useful data particularly comparing healthspan with lifespan and producing evidence supporting the concept of the SMART lifespan.This data will be used to interest new customers especially once they’ve been published. We have successfully raised second-round investment from existing private investors, allowing us to recruit a Sales Manager, and this would not have been possible without the work done in the Arrow project and the expert insight from customers including Satomi and Thomas.’

David Weinkove, CEO, Magnitude Biosciences

Where the funding comes from

The Arrow project is part-funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).

The £3.4m ERDF-supported programme aims to translate University research and innovation projects into operational business innovation programmes and services. Arrow will simplify the process for SMEs to engage with the University, and in doing so will increase regional SME engagement with research and innovation activities with the University.

In line with the North East LEP's 'Smart Specialisation' areas, Arrow's target sectors are:

  • Life sciences and healthcare
  • Advanced manufacturing
  • Creative and digital technologies
  • Offshore, subsea and energy technologies