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Technology Transfer & Licensing

Technology Transfer and Licensing

Biomedical Sciences

Disease Modifying Osteoarthritis Therapeutic Compounds
Identification of a hit compound in clear IP space which inhibits the serine protease enzyme matriptase; a novel initiator of cartilage matrix degradation in osteoarthritis.

Egg Collection Technology (IVF)
A device that provides an enclosed system for egg collection.

Enzymatic Dispersal of Biofilms by NucB
NucB is a small, highly stable enzyme which is very active against a wide range of both bacterial and yeast biofilms. Since biofilms are a ubiquitous problem, NucB has the potential for application against a vast range of biofilm problems in the home, in industry, in personal care and in medical applications.

Engineered Biomimetic Material – Cell Adhesion/Differentiation
A synthetic protein polymer which can create a range of biomimetic materials. These include surface coatings, hydrogels and tissue scaffolds. Based upon an inert and robust bacterial protein it is simple and economic to manufacture.

Intelligent Blood Pressure Quality Display
Intelligent blood pressure measurement technology to improve the accuracy of blood pressure measurements. Inclusion of the intelligent technology in the blood pressure measurement process provides the operator with an index of quality for the blood pressure reading.

Physiologically Relevant Model of Gastrointestinal Digestion and Absorption
A novel, integrated, in vitro model gut system (MGS) which simulates the digestive and absorptive processes of the gastrointestinal (GI) tract from mouth to terminal small intestine - something which has previously been described as the 'holy grail' of research into oral delivery.

Synthetic Retina
A method of generating laminated neural retinae reminiscent of the developing human retina.

Multi-electrode Electromyography Device for Imaging Skeletal Muscle
A multi-electrode needle capable of recording skeletal muscle electrical activity from multiple sensing positions simultaneously from a single needle location site.

Asteroid: Binocular Vision Testing Device for Children
A fun, game-based stereoacuity test hosted on a 3D tablet where stereoacuity is measured as the child plays an interactive game with the viewing distance being automatically measured in real time.

Cell Culture Bioreactor for Ex Vivo Testing of Therapeutic Agents
A dynamic cell culture system which allows ex vivo tissue slices to be cultured providing a more accurate model of human disease on which to test efficacy and toxicity of candidate drug molecules.

FibroFind - Preclinical Testing Service for Anti-fibrotic Therapeutics
A large variety of reproducible optimised techniques allowing a bespoke testing programme to be developed for each client’s exact needs depending on the type of fibrotic disease, target organ(s) and any other factors involved.

Improved Blood Pressure Management System
Technology that relates to a BP management system capable of measuring actual blood pressure by detecting high frequency micro-pulses existing between systole and diastole associated with the opening and closing of an artery.

Method for Destabilising, Altering and Dispersing Biofilms - L-Arginine
A treatment comprising L-arginine which enhances biofilm removal and sensitivity to environmental or co-applied treatments, e.g. antimicrobials.

Method for Inducing Bacterial Cell Membrane Synthesis
A method of inducing cell wall-less (L-) forms of bacteria that are a suitable chassis for the commercial production of target molecules.


Science, Agriculture & Engineering

Bio-printing Heads
High speed high resolution bio-printing head design

Carbon Capture
Development of this catalytic method

Deagglomeration of Nanodiamond
Method for the total deagglomeration of nanodiamond

Denitrifying Downflow Hanging Sponge System for Decentralised Wastewater Treatment
A biological wastewater treatment system to treat domestic wastewater in a cost effective and energy efficient manner.

Energy Harvesting and Low Power Electronics
Power sensing method for energy harvesting and low power electronics

E-voting System
End-to-end verifiable voting system without tallying authorities

Hydrogen production
A new method for cheap and efficient hydrogen production

Micro-Machining Brittle Materials
Chipping reduction for mechanical micro-machining of brittle materials

Metal-air Battery
High energy density battery employing a metal carbonate impregnated electrode

Real Time Water Quality Monitoring
BioElectrical Sensor Technology to monitor organic pollutants and toxic compounds

Reduced Cost Ambient Pressure Drying of Silica Aerogels
A method for producing aerogels at a fraction of the cost of existing approaches