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Business Innovation Centres

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Our Business Innovation Centres work with all different kinds of businesses, including innovative entrepreneurs, start-ups, small and medium-sized enterprises and multinational firms.  

We provide space within a creative innovation ecosystem that supports companies developing new ideas, products and services. The University operates a number of Business Innovation Centres, including:

Newcastle Helix

Newcastle Helix is an innovation hub where businesses, investors, scientists and citizens collaborate to plan and develop solutions for tomorrow’s cities. 

National Innovation Centre for Ageing

The National Innovation Centre for Ageing works with companies to develop and commercialise products and services for older people in sectors including health, home design, finance, transport and mobility.

National Innovation Centre for Data

The National Innovation Centre for Data brings together industry, the public sector and world-leading academics to develop the skills, ideas and resources needed to exploit the opportunities offered by the explosion in digital data.

EPSRC National Centre for Energy Systems Integration

The National Centre for Energy Systems Integration brings together energy experts from around the world to help unravel the energy network and understand future supply and demand.

Tyne Subsea

In partnership with Bel Valves, Tyne Subsea is a research, testing and innovation centre established to support subsea, marine and offshore businesses with research, technology development and skills. Tyne Subsea is complemented by our National Centre for Subsea & Offshore Engineering.