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Cell Culture Bioreactor for Ex Vivo Testing of The

Cell Culture Bioreactor for Ex Vivo Testing of Therapeutic Agents

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The Challenge

Drug development projects are often terminated after expensive human clinical trials when unacceptable side effects, toxicity or lack of therapeutic efficacy are evident. Due to the high attrition rate of new therapeutic molecules there is a real need to develop in vitro models which accurately predict those drugs which will be safe and efficacious in man before entering pre-clinical testing. The ideal in vitro models would use human organ slices in culture but studies using organ slices are currently limited due to rapid loss of organ function in culture.

The Solution

Researchers at Newcastle University have addressed the issue of organ slice function in culture by developing a dynamic cell culture system which allows ex vivo tissue slices to be cultured providing a more accurate model of human disease on which to test efficacy and toxicity of candidate drug molecules. The apparatus allows the life span of tissue slices to be extended and facilitates disease modelling.

The Opportunity

We are offering the cell culture bioreactor as a service in the first instance. We would also welcome inquiries from potential licensees for the apparatus.

Intellectual Property Status

Currently at International stage PCT/GB2016/053310

Title: Cell Culture
Application no: PCT/GB2016/053310
Filing Date: 21/10/2016
Applicant: University of Newcastle upon Tyne


Dr Marie Labus, Enterprise Team, Research & Enterprise Services, Newcastle University, Faculty of Medical Sciences, Framlington Place, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE2 4HH, UK.