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FibroFind - Preclinical Testing Service for Anti-f

FibroFind - Preclinical Testing Service for Anti-fibrotic Therapeutics

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The Challenge

Fibrosis relates to the excess laying down of connective tissue in organs where it disrupts or stops the normal functioning of the tissue and can have serious consequences for patient health. Examples of fibrotic conditions include cystic fibrosis, cirrhosis of the liver, atrial fibrosis, arterial stiffness and Crohn’s disease. New therapeutics are urgently needed to help alleviate the symptoms associated with and target the pathological deposition of connective tissue.

The Solution

The FibroFind service offers a large variety of reproducible optimised techniques allowing a bespoke testing programme to be developed for each client’s exact needs depending on the type of fibrotic disease, target organ(s) and any other factors involved. A wide range of techniques, technologies and pre-clinical models are available including; Cultured precision cut organ slices, pre-clinical models of fibrosis, in vitro models, laser microdissection, archived human tissue biopsies of various organs with full clinical history.

The Opportunity

The Newcastle Fibrosis Research Group (NFRG) has developed a world renowned, multi-organ, multi-disciplinary research group interested in the underlying mechanisms of fibrosis throughout the body.  The NFRG has continually developed and optimised a wide variety of specialised research techniques as a means of studying the molecular regulators of fibrosis. These molecular regulators have the potential to be exploited as therapeutic targets.  The NFRG’s highly representative, optimised and reproducible models of fibrosis have begun to attract the attention of the pharmaceutical industry.

We are offering FibroFind as a service and are looking for interested users.

Intellectual Property Status

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Dr Marie Labus, Enterprise Team, Research & Enterprise Services, Newcastle University, Faculty of Medical Sciences, Framlington Place, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE2 4HH, UK.