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Synthetic Retina

Synthetic Retina

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The Challenge

The study of retinal disease and the development of new therapies are hampered by the difficulties in accessing patient-specific retinal tissue. An alternative source of retinal tissue is needed.

The Solution

Newcastle University has developed a method of generating laminated neural retinae reminiscent of the developing human retina. These retinae show the presence of rod and cone-like photoreceptor cells with inner and outer segments and development of optic cup-like structures containing retinal pigment epithelium and neural retinal tissue. The cells are capable of producing phototransduction related electrical responses.

This represents an ideal system for testing future cell based replacement therapies as well as in vitro modelling of inherited retinal dystrophies. The availability of this synthetic retinal tissue makes possible the establishment of patient-specific retinal disease models, high throughput drug screening and clinical cell replacement trials.

The Opportunity

We are looking for licensing partners or collaborative industrial partners for co-development of the synthetic retinae into an assay platform. We are also able to offer consultancy expertise in the use of this technology.

Intellectual Property

Patent applications have been filed for this technology in US, Europe and Canada.

Title: Synthetic Retina
PCT patent application no: PCT/GB2015/050441
Filing Date: 16 February 2015
Applicant: University of Newcastle upon Tyne

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