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Degree Apprenticeships

Degree Apprenticeships

Degree Apprenticeships combine on the job training with study. This gives you a higher level qualification at degree or master’s degree level. They are a great way of helping you develop the skilled workforce your business needs.

The UK Government is developing a new range of Apprenticeship Standards. This is part of its commitment to expanding the number and range of apprenticeships offered at degree level.

We aim to be a key provider of Degree Apprenticeships. We welcome enquiries from employers interested in working with us.

Work with us

We welcome the Government’s new Degree Apprenticeship initiative. We'd be happy to talk to employers, individually or in groups, or industry bodies who are interested in the University supporting the delivery of a Degree Apprenticeship at Level 6 (Bachelor’s degree) and/or Level 7 (Master’s degree).

We are also developing a Power Engineer Integrated Degree Apprenticeship programme during 2017/18, ready for delivery from September 2018

Degree Apprenticeships overview

Like any other apprentice, Degree Apprentices are employed and paid a wage. Degree Apprentices may be an existing member of staff or a new recruit.

Degree Apprenticeships are designed with employers to meet specific business needs for their sector. Groups of employers called Trailblazers identify these needs. They are defined through Apprenticeship Standards. The Standards outline what employers need to be competent in a specific occupation.  This covers: knowledge, skills and behaviours.

Apprenticeship Standards split into various levels, from Level 2 (GCSE) to Level 6 (Bachelor’s degree) and Level 7 (Master’s degree). Read the Apprenticeships Standards List (PDF: 351 KB). More standards are awaiting approval. 


From April 2017 all UK employers with a payroll of more than £3 million per year will pay a Levy of 0.5% to support apprenticeships. 

This is collected by the Government through PAYE. Employers will be able to ‘spend’ their Levy on apprenticeships via a digital account. 

Smaller businesses (payroll of less than £3 million) will not pay a Levy. They will still have access to funding to support their own degree apprenticeships. 

Find out more about Apprenticeship Standards (PDF: 79KB).