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Business Support

Business Support

Supporting our academic community for all commercial and business-facing activity

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Alongside giving an helping hand to the Business world, our Business Development Enterprise Teams provide support for our academic community for all commercial and business-facing activity.   

What we do best

The remit of our teams includes supporting the commercialisation of the activity of the Faculties through identifying new opportunities, spin-out company development, CPD activities, patenting, licensing; and all other activities that help to get the University’s research and expertise into external application.  

The Team provides support for academics for all commercial and business-facing activity, ranging from small consultancy and expert witness proposals, through translational research to spin-out companies and long-term partnerships with big pharma.

We help with any queries on Intellectual Property, non-traditional funding and are always happy to offer advice on potential new projects or ideas.

Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTPs)

Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTP) is an Innovate UK funding scheme.

The programme supports innovative collaboration between the UK's universities and businesses.

KTP projects allow academics to apply their research in a commercial setting.

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We run business – academic knowledge exchange programmes that benefit businesses by supporting research collaborations and partnerships with industry. 

One of these programmes includes an Impact Accelerator Account (IAA) schemes for EPSRC and ESRC and many more. 

To find out more use our Staff Funding Toolkit 


Company Creation

The central Company Creation activity comprises a small team of professional staff with extensive, hands-on experience of creating and successfully managing technology businesses.

The Company Creation team will work with founder academics, faculty based Research and Enterprise teams and an extensive network of external business managers and funders to help create a successful new business.