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Clarke (Edwin) Local Collection

Subject strengths: History, Local History, Literature

Part of a bequest from Edwin Clarke (1919-1996), the Clarke Local Collection is more than a local history collection as it is quite strong in the literature of the region too: T. Wilson's The pitman's pay: and other poems (1843), Robert White's The Tynemouth nun: a poem (1829), Rhymes of Northern bards (1812) and more, as well as memoirs, sermons, topographical descriptions, guides and histories.

Although it comprises books published in the mid- to late-Twentieth Century, for the most part, it does contain a significant amount of more historic material, such as The papers which passed at New-castle betwixt his sacred Majestie and Mr Al. Henderson … (1649), R. Gardiner's Englands grievance discovered … (1655), A sentimental tour through Newcastle (1794), History of the water supply of Newcastle-upon-Tyne (1851) and several nineteenth-century directories and poll books.


Collection Name and Collection Reference Code:

Collection Name: Clarke (Edwin) Local Collection

Library Catalogue Collection Ref Code: Clarke

Date Range of Material

1655 - 1993

Type of Material

Rare book collection

Size of Collection

43.5 Linear Metres of shelving 

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