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Daguerreoypes were an early form of photography which did not permit reproduction therefore the images on the plates are unique. The daguerreoytypes in Special Collections have particular significance because among them are the first-known photographic images of Niagara Falls and the Clifton Hotel, taken in 1840 by metallurgical chemist and industrialist, Hugh Lee Pattinson (1796-1858) who was Gertrude Bell's great-grandfather.

There are also two daguerreotypes depicting Rome which are signed 'Lerebours'. The daguerreotypes have deteriorated: the plates exhibit signs of spotting, surface scratches, there are cracks in the glass and the plates have oxidised but they have been conserved and digitised.


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Collection Name: Daguerreotypes

Archive Ref Code: GB186/DAG

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1 Linear Metre of shelving

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Background information on the daguerreotypes and the digitised images can be viewed here.