Module Catalogue 2022/23

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Programme List
Programme Code Programme Title
1135U BA (Hons) Contemp & Pop Mus w Study Ab'd
P305 BA (Hons) Digital Cultures and Media
TN92 BA (Hons) Mod Languages and Bus Studies
T901 BA (Hons) Modern Languages
1434U BA (Hons) Philosophy (with Placement)
1701U BA Ancient History & Archae. (Inversion)
1467U BA Ancient History & Archaeology (w SA)
1618U BA Ancient History (with Study Abroad)
1615U BA Archaeology (with Study Abroad)
1712U BA Business Management (Inversion.)
1617U BA Classical Studies (with Study Abroad)
Y001 BA Combined Honours
1004U BA Combined Honours (Study Abroad)
1003U BA Combined Honours (Work Placement)
1002U BA Combined Honours (Year Abroad)
1613U BA Digital Cultures and Media (Placemnt)
1612U BA Digital Cultures and Media (Yr Abrd)
1546U BA Eng Lit with Creative Writing w Pl Yr
1461U BA English Language & Literature w Pl Yr
1662U BA Film Practices (with Placement Year)
1453U BA Geography and Planning w Place Year
1424U BA H Span, Port & Latin Am Stud (3 yr)
VV41 BA History & Archaeology
1702U BA History (Inversion)
1571U BA History (With Study Abroad Y3)
1463U BA History (With Study Abroad)
1703U BA History and Archaeology (Inversion)
1614U BA History and Archaeology w Year Abroad
W344 BA Honours Folk and Traditional Music
NN49 BA Hons Accounting Studies
V110 BA Hons Ancient History
VV14 BA Hons Ancient History & Archaeology
V400 BA Hons Archaeology
1218U BA Hons Architectural Studies
K100 BA Hons Architecture
K190 BA Hons Architecture and Urban Planning
NN14 BA Hons Bus Acctg & Finance (placemt)
N200 BA Hons Business Management
1448U BA Hons Business Management (w Pl & SA)
1200U BA Hons Business Mgmt with Placement
1222U BA Hons Business Mgmt with Study Abroad
T190 BA Hons Chinese & Cultural Studies
TT41 BA Hons Chinese/Japanese & Cultural Stud
TT12 BA Hons Chinese/Japanese Studies
1425U BA Hons Chinese/Japanese Studies (3 yr)
Q810 BA Hons Classical Studies
QQ83 BA Hons Classical Studies and English
Q800 BA Hons Classics
1468U BA Hons Classics with Placement Year
W301 BA Hons Contemporary and Popular Music
1670U BA Hons Contemporary Pop Mus Plce Yr
1122U BA Hons Economics & Bus Mgmt Study Abr'd
1112U BA Hons Economics & Bus Mgmt with Placem
LN12 BA Hons Economics & Bus Mgt
1446U BA Hons Economics & Bus Mgt (w Pl & SA)
LL14 BA Hons Economics & Social Policy
X390 BA Hons Education
1494U BA Hons Education with Placement Year
QW38 BA Hons Eng Lit with Creative Writing
Q302 BA Hons English Language
Q300 BA Hons English Language and Lit
1548U BA Hons English Lit (with Placement Yr)
Q306 BA Hons English Literature
QV31 BA Hons English Literature and History
P303 BA Hons Film and Media
1547U BA Hons Film and Media with Placement Yr
P313 BA Hons Film Practices
E100 BA Hons Fine Art
1672U BA Hons Folk & Trad Music (Plce Yr)
1344U BA Hons Folk & Trad Music (Year Abroad)
R120 BA Hons French
LR21 BA Hons French & Politics
RN11 BA Hons French and Business Studies
L701 BA Hons Geography
LK74 BA Hons Geography and Planning
1440U BA Hons Geography with Placement Year
R220 BA Hons German
LR22 BA Hons German & Politics
RN21 BA Hons German and Business Studies
L241 BA Hons Gov & Europ Studies
V491 BA Hons Heritage, History & Archaeology
V100 BA Hons History
1466U BA Hons History with Placement Year
1625U BA Hons History with Study Abroad
L250 BA Hons International Relations
T290 BA Hons Japanese & Cultural Studies
P500 BA Hons Journalism, Media and Culture
R600 BA Hons Latin American Studies
Q100 BA Hons Linguistics
1693U BA Hons Linguistics (with Placement Yr)
Q1T4 BA Hons Linguistics with Chinese/Japanes
Q1R1 BA Hons Linguistics with French
Q1R4 BA Hons Linguistics with Spanish
1421U BA Hons Mod Lang & Bus Stud (3yr Prog)
R9N2 BA Hons Mod Lang with Management Studies
QT19 BA Hons Modern Lang & Linguis
1422U BA Hons Modern Lang & Linguis (3yr Prog)
1423U BA Hons Modern Lang, T & I (3yr Prog)
T900 BA Hons Modern Languages
1420U BA Hons Modern Languages (3 year prog)
R9Q9 BA Hons Modern Languages, T & I
W300 BA Hons Music
1669U BA Hons Music with placement year
V000 BA Hons Phil Studies:Knowledge & Hum Int
V500 BA Hons Philosophy
1429U BA Hons Philosophy (with Year Abroad)
L200 BA Hons Politics
LL21 BA Hons Politics & Economics
1462U BA Hons Politics & Economics w Pl Yr
VL12 BA Hons Politics & History
1439U BA Hons Politics & History w Place Year
L290 BA Hons Politics & Int. Relations
LL32 BA Hons Politics and Sociology
1464U BA Hons Politics and Sociology w Pl Yr
1465U BA Hons Politics with Placement Year
L300 BA Hons Sociology
1492U BA Hons Sociology with Placement Year
LR24 BA Hons Spanish & Politics
RN41 BA Hons Spanish and Business Studies
RT47 BA Hons Spanish, Port & Latin Am Stud
1215U BA Hons Town Planning
K421 BA Hons Urban Planning
1690U BA Hons Urban Planning (Placement Year)
Q1R2 BA HonsLinguistics with German
1460U BA Journalism, Media & Culture w Pl Yr
1433U BA Media, Comm & Cult Stud (w yr abroad)
1454U BA Media, Comm & Cultural Studies w Pl Y
PQL0 BA Media, Communic'n & Cultural Studies
1724U BA Philosophy (Inversion)
1616U BA Politics and History (Study Abroad)
1694U BA Politics and Int'l Relat (w Placement
5102U Bachelor of Architecture
M101 Bachelor of Laws
1506U Bachelor of Laws (Hons) - Euro Legal Stu
1722U Bachelor of Laws (Intnat Legal Studies)
1125U Bachelor of Laws - Int. Legal Studies
1451U Bachelor of Laws with Placement Year
H206 BEng Civil & Struct Engineer with Yr Ind
H208 BEng Civil & Survey Engin with Yr Indust
H205 BEng Civil Engineering with Yr in Indust
1565U BEng Engineering
H101 BEng Engineering with Fdn year
H246 BEng Geospatial Surveying & Map w Yr Ind
H245 BEng Geospatial Surveying and Mapping
H210 BEng Hon Civil & Struc Eng
H202 BEng Hon Civil & Surv Eng
1192U BEng Hons Automation & Cont w Place Year
H660 BEng Hons Automation and Control
1147U BEng Hons Chemical Eng W Placement Year
H810 BEng Hons Chemical Engineering
H814 BEng Hons Chemical Engineering (FndYr)
H201 BEng Hons Civil Eng (FndY)
H200 BEng Hons Civil Engineering
H990 BEng Hons Digital Electronics
1194U BEng Hons Digital Electronics w Place Yr
1182U BEng Hons Elec & Electron Eng w Place Yr
H607 BEng Hons Elec & Electronic Eng
H604 BEng Hons Elec & Electronic Eng (FndY)
H623 BEng Hons Elect Power Eng
1188U BEng Hons Electrical Pwr Eng w Place Yr
1190U BEng Hons Electron & Comp Eng w Place Yr
H640 BEng Hons Electronic Comms
1189U BEng Hons Electronic Comms w Place Yr
H610 BEng Hons Electronic Eng
1183U BEng Hons Electronic Eng with Place Year
H652 BEng Hons Electronics & Computer eng
1205U BEng Hons Marine Engineering (FT)
H300 BEng Hons Mechanical Eng
H304 BEng Hons Mechanical Eng (FndY)
1170U BEng Hons Mechanical Eng w Placemt Year
1184U BEng Hons Microelectronic Eng w Place Yr
H611 BEng Hons Microelectronic Engineering
1207U BEng Hons Naval Architecture (FT)
1206U BEng Hons Offshore Engineering (FT)
H504 BEng Mar Tech Hons Mar Eng
J615 BEng Mar Tech Hons Mar Eng (FndY)
1165U BEng Mar Tech Hons Mar Eng W Placemt Yr
H502 BEng Mar Tech Hons Nav Arch
1163U BEng Mar Tech Hons Nav Arch w Placemt Yr
H355 BEng Mar Tech Hons Off Eng
1160U BEng Mar Tech Hons Off Eng w Placemt Yr
H520 BEng Mar Tech Hons Small Craft Tec
1166U BEng Mar Tech Hons Small Craft Tec w P Y
W340 BMus Folk & Traditional Music
W304 BMus Hons Music
1671U BMus Hons Music Place Year
1212U BMus Hons Popular & Contemporary Music
1572U BSc (Hons) Environmental Sci Study Abr'd
B46D BSc (Hons) Food and Human Nutrition
1472U BSc (Hons) Int Bus Mgt WP and SA London
1540U BSc (Hons) Int. Bus Mgt Chine & study ab
1536U BSc (Hons) Int. Bus Mgt Chines work plce
1537U BSc (Hons) Int. Bus Mgt Fren & study abr
1545U BSc (Hons) Int. Bus Mgt Fren & work plce
1538U BSc (Hons) Int. Bus Mgt Ger & study ab
1534U BSc (Hons) Int. Bus Mgt German work plce
1539U BSc (Hons) Int. Bus Mgt Span & study ab
1535U BSc (Hons) Int. Bus Mgt Span & work plce
1533U BSc (Hons) Int. Bus Mgt with Chinese
1530U BSc (Hons) Int. Bus Mgt with French
1531U BSc (Hons) Int. Bus Mgt with German
1532U BSc (Hons) Int. Bus Mgt with Spanish
G1N4 BSc (Hons) Mathematics with Business
1556U BSc (Hons) Maths w Bus with placement yr
BD46 BSc (Hons) Nutrition with Food Marketing
C600 BSc (Hons) Sport and Exercise Science
1715U BSc Acc & Finance Placement (Inversion)
1402U BSc Agric Animal Product Sci with Placem
1401U BSc Agric Farm Business Mgt with Placem'
1403U BSc Agric in Agronomy with Place
D422 BSc Agric with Hons Animal Prod Science
D402 BSc Agric with Hons Farm Bus Mgmt
D444 BSc Agriculture with Hons Agronomy
1400U BSc Agriculture with Placement
1725U BSc Animal Science (Inversion)
1305U BSc Animal Science with Placement
C211 BSc Applied Plant Science
1312U BSc Applied Plant Science w Placement Yr
C703 BSc Biochemistry w Prof Place Year
C1C7 BSc Biology (Cell & Molecular Biology)
CC17 BSc Biology (Cell&Mollec) with placement
1144U BSc Biology (Ecol and Conserv) w P Year
C182 BSc Biology (Ecology and conservation)
C180 BSc Biology (Ecology and Enviro Biology)
1477U BSc Biomed with Ageing
1479U BSc Biomed with Ageing & Placement
1478U BSc Biomed with Ageing & Prof Place
1480U BSc Biomed with Infection & Immunity
1482U BSc Biomed with Infection & Place
1481U BSc Biomed with Infection & Prof Place
1475U BSc Biomed with Neurosci & Prof Placemen
1474U BSc Biomed with Neuroscience
1476U BSc Biomed with Neuroscience & Placement
B913 BSc Biomedical Genetics w Prof Place Yr
1213U BSc Biomedical Sciences (2 + 1 NUMed)
B941 BSc Biomedical Sciences (NUMed 2+1)
B943 BSc Biomedical Sciences w Prof Placement
1734U BSc Biomedical Sciences with Placement
1121U BSc Bus w Prof Pract (Ldn, alt route)
1740U BSc Civil Engineering Yr Ind (Inversion)
1741U BSc Civil Struct Eng Yr Ind (inversion)
1744U BSc Comp Sci Ind Plc (Sec Res) (inv.)
1747U BSc Comp Sci w Place (HCI) Inversion
1749U BSc Comp Sci with Ind Place (inversion)
I521 BSc Comput Sci w Ind Place-BioComputing
G401 BSc Computer Sci with Ind Placement
G400 BSc Computer Science
I520 BSc Computer Science (Bio-computing)
G450 BSc Computer Science (Game Eng)
G600 BSc Computer Science (Software Eng)i
G451 BSc Computer Science w Ind Plac (GE)
G603 BSc Computer Scii w Ind Plac (Sftwr Eng)
1455U BSc Countryside Mgmt with Placement
F646 BSc Earth Science with Year in Industry
1711U BSc Economics & Fin Study Abr (Inv.)
1710U BSc Economics Bus. Mgt Study Abr (Inv.)
1709U BSc Economics study abroad (Inversion)
B9C3 BSc Exercise Biomedicine w Prof Place Yr
GN13 BSc Financial Maths
G1NX BSc Financial Maths w Mgt w Placement Yr
GN1X BSc Financial Maths with Placement Yr
1733U BSc Food & Human Nut. place w Placement
B4D6 BSc Food & Human Nutrition Prof Placemt
1610U BSc Food & Human Nutrition with Placem't
1732U BSc Food and Human Nutrition w placement
ND61 BSc Food Bus Management and Marketing
1313U BSc Food Bus Mgmt and Markt w Place Year
1574U BSc Food Business Mgt & Mkting Study Abr
DB64 BSc Food Marketing and Nutrition
1739U BSc Geographic Info Sci Indu (Inversion)
F867 BSc Geographic Info Sci w Yr in Industry
F151 BSc H Chemistry w Medicinal Chemistry
1311U BSc Hon Biomedical Sciences w Place Year
1443U BSc Hons Acc & Finance (w Pl & SA)
N401 BSc Hons Acc and Fin (with Placement)
N403 BSc Hons Acc and Fin (with Study Abroad)
N404 BSc Hons Accounting & Fin (W Pl) Lond
N405 BSc Hons Accounting & Fin (W SA) Lond
N400 BSc Hons Accounting and Finance
N280 BSc Hons Agri-Bus Mgt
1280U BSc Hons Agri-Bus Mgt with Placement
D400 BSc Hons Agriculture
C305 BSc Hons Animal Science
V401 BSc Hons Archaeology
C700 BSc Hons Biochemistry
1304U BSc Hons Biochemistry w Placement Year
C100 BSc Hons Biology
1143U BSc Hons Biology with Placement Year
1573U BSc Hons Biology with Study Abroad
1302U BSc Hons Biomed Genetics (FT) w Place Yr
B901 BSc Hons Biomedical Genetics (FT)
B940 BSc Hons Biomedical Sciences
B942 BSc Hons Biomedical Sciences with IP
F155 BSc Hons Chem with Medic Chem Study Ab'd
F100 BSc Hons Chemistry
F102 BSc Hons Chemistry (Industrial Training)
F109 BSc Hons Chemistry with Study Abroad
I140 BSc Hons Comp Sci (Hum-Comp Int)
G420 BSc Hons Comp Sci (Mob & Distrib System)
I190 BSc Hons Comp Sci (Sec and Res)
I191 BSc Hons Comp Sci Ind Pl (Sec and Res)
I141 BSc Hons Comp Sci W Ind P (Hum-Comp Int)
G421 BSc Hons Comp Sci w P(Mob & Dist System)
D455 BSc Hons Countryside Management
1641U BSc Hons Earth Sci with Yr in Industry
F641 BSc Hons Earth Science
L166 BSc Hons Econ and Fin (with Placement)
L167 BSc Hons Econ and Fin with Study Abroad
L100 BSc Hons Economics
1445U BSc Hons Economics & Finance (w Pl & SA)
1444U BSc Hons Economics (w Place and SA)
L101 BSc Hons Economics (with Placement)
L102 BSc Hons Economics (with Study Abroad)
L161 BSc Hons Economics and Finance
F851 BSc Hons Environment Sci with Placement
F850 BSc Hons Environmental Science
B9C6 BSc Hons Exercise Biomedicine
1303U BSc Hons Exercise Biomedicine w Place Yr
1217U BSc Hons Financial & Business Econ
G1NF BSc Hons Financial Maths with Management
F862 BSc Hons Geographic Info Science
F800 BSc Hons Geography
1441U BSc Hons Geography with Placement Year
G5NK BSc Hons Inf System w Accounting (Ind P)
G5NC BSc Hons Info Syst w Bus & Markt (Ind P)
G5NF BSc Hons Info Systems w Mgt (Ind P)
G5N1 Bsc Hons Information Sys w Bus and Markt
G5N4 BSc Hons Information System w Accounting
G500 BSc Hons Information Systems
G504 BSc Hons Information Systems (Ind P)
G5N2 BSc Hons Information Systems w Mgt
1120U BSc Hons Int Bus Mg't with Study Abroad
1447U BSc Hons Int Business Mgt (w Pl & SA)
N5N2 BSc Hons Int Marketing and Mgt (London)
N5N3 BSc Hons Int Mkting and Mgt (w Pl) Lond
N5N4 BSc Hons Int Mkting and Mgt (w SA) Lond
N121 BSc Hons International Business Mgt
N122 BSc Hons Intl Bus Mgmt (London)
N124 BSc Hons Intl Bus Mgmt Fnd Yr (London)
N120 BSc Hons Intl Bus Mgmt with Placement
C161 BSc Hons Marine Biology
1157U BSc Hons Marine Biology W Placement Year
C350 BSc Hons Marine Zoology
1158U BSc Hons Marine Zoology with Placemt Yr
1152U BSc Hons Marketing & Mgmt with Placement
1550U BSc Hons Marketing with Placement
1555U BSc Hons Marketing with Study Abroad
G100 BSc Hons Mathematics
G1N3 BSc Hons Mathematics with Finance
G1N2 BSc Hons Mathematics with Management
GG13 BSc Hons Maths & Stats
F122 BSc Hons Med Chemistry (Indust Train)
B902 BSc Hons Medical Science
1552U BSc Hons Mktg & Mgmt with Study Abroad
B210 BSc Hons Pharmacology
1301U BSc Hons Pharmacology w Placement Year
FH82 BSc Hons Physical Geography
F300 BSc Hons Physics
1177U BSc Hons Physics with Placement Year
B100 BSc Hons Physiological Sciences
1300U BSc Hons Physiological Sciences w P Year
C801 BSc Hons Psy with Prof Placement
C800 BSc Hons Psychology
1310U BSc Hons Psychology with Placement Year
1606U BSc Hons Psychology with Study Abroad Y3
D452 BSc Hons Rural Studies
B620 BSc Hons Speech & Language Sciences
G300 BSc Hons Statistics
H244 BSc Hons Surveying & Map Science
1179U BSc Hons Theoretical Physics w Place Yr
C300 BSc Hons Zoology
1146U BSc Hons Zoology with Placement Year
1716U BSc IBM with French S.A (Inversion)
1717U BSc IBM with French WP (Inversion)
1718U BSc IBM with German SA (Inversion)
1719U BSc IBM with Spanish SA (Inversion)
1720U BSc IBM with Spanish WP (Inversion)
1123U BSc Int Bus Mgt with Study Abrd (London)
1544U BSc Int. Bus Mgt Chi study abr & work pl
1541U BSc Int. Bus Mgt Fre study abr & work pl
1542U BSc Int. Bus Mgt Ger study abr & work pl
1543U BSc Int. Bus Mgt Spa study abr & work pl
1745U BSc Internation Business Mgt (Inversion)
1431U BSc JH Psych & Sp & Ex Sci w Place Year
1430U BSc JH Psych & Sp & Ex Sci w Prof Place
1436U BSc Jnt Hons Accounting and Mathematics
1435U BSc Jnt Hons Econ and Maths w Place Year
1438U BSc Jnt Hons in Economics & Mathematics
1148U BSc Jnt Hons Psych & Nutrition (Place't)
1426U BSc Joint Hons Psych & Bio w Prof Place
1427U BSc Joint Hons Psych & Math w Prof Place
1410U BSc Joint Hons Psych & Nut w Prof Place
1664U BSc Jt Hon in Psyc & Math W Study Abroad
1666U BSc Jt Hon in Psyc & SportSci W Study Ab
1437U BSc Jt Hons Accounting & Maths w Place Y
1663U BSc Jt Hons in Psyc & Bio W Study Abroad
1665U BSc Jt Hons in Psyc & Nutrit W Study Abr
1136U BSc Jt Hons Psych & Bio W Place Year
1137U BSc Jt Hons Psych & Maths W Place Year
C8C6 BSc Jt Hons Psych & Sport & Exercise Sci
C8C1 BSc Jt Hons Psychology & Biology
C8G1 BSc Jt Hons Psychology & Mathematics
C8B4 BSc Jt Hons Psychology & Nutrition
1159U BSc Marine Bio & Oceanography w Place Yr
1738U BSc Marine Biology (Inversion)
N500 BSc Marketing
1450U BSc Marketing (w Place and SA)
NN52 BSc Marketing and Management
1449U BSc Marketing and Management (w Pl & SA)
1714U BSc Marketing Management (Inversion)
G101 BSc Mathematics (FndY)
NG41 BSc Mathematics and Accounting
GL11 BSc Mathematics and Economics
1608U BSc Mathematics with Internat Study Year
G10X BSC Mathematics with Placement Year
1139U BSc Maths and Accounting w Placement Yr
1138U BSc Maths and Economics w Placement Year
GG1X BSc Maths and Stats with Placement Yr
G1NZ BSc Maths w Finance w Placement Yr
G1NY BSc Maths w Mgt w Placement Yr
1748U BSc Nutrition Food Mkt w place (Inv.)
BD64 BSc Nutrition w Food Mktg Prof Placemt
1611U BSc Nutrition w/ Food Mktg w/ Placement
B213 BSc Pharmacology w Prof Place Year
1735U BSc Pharmacology with placement
F3F5 BSc Physics with Astrophysics
1557U BSc Physics with Astrophysics w place yr
F304 BSc Physics with Foundation Year
1736U BSc Physiological Sciences w placement
B103 BSc Physiological Sciences w Prof Place
1731U BSc Psychology with Study Abroad
1452U BSc Rural studies with Placement
B621 BSc Speech and Language Therapy
1306U BSc Sport and Exercise Science w Pl Year
G30X BSc Statistics with Placement Year
H249 BSc Surveying and Mapping Sci w Yr Ind
F345 BSc Theoretical Physics
6023P CATS Mod Marine Science and Technology
3038U Certificate in Planning Practice
6047P CPD Clin & HS (PT)
6053P CPD Clinical Research E-Learning
6044P CPD Clinical Sciences
6041P CPD Oncol/Pall Care
6017P CPD Public Health & Health Serv Res (PT)
8907F DAppEdPsy (FT)
K495 Diploma Town Planning
1503U Diploma Town Planning (Envir & Planning)
1502U Diploma Town Planning (Plan & Regen)
1501U Diploma Town Planning-Plan & Urb Design)
8801F Doctor Applied Educatl Psychology (FT)
8902F EdD Education (FT)
8902P EdD Education (PT)
3067F Employer-Based PGCE (ePGCE)
8811F EngD STREAM (FT)
5868P Executive Master of Business Admin (Jan)
5867P Executive Master of Business Admin (Sep)
5853P Executive MBA (January)
5824P Executive MBA (Sept)
1507U Extra-Curricular Credit
1493U Found in Bio & Biomed Sci (NUMed) (Sept)
1456U Foundation in Bio & Biomed Sci (NUMed)
1505F Grad Dip Finance, Accounting & Bus (FT)
3378F Grad Dip Translating (Chinese) (FT)
2995F Int Foundation - Architecture
2967F Int Foundation - Business and Mgt
2960F Int Foundation - Humanities & Social Sci
2965F Int Foundation - Sci, Comp, Eng & Maths
2997U Int Grad Dip - Architecture & Lands Arch
2993U Int Graduate Dip - Business & Humanities
8182F Int PhD Edu & Applied Ling (FT)
8182J Int PhD Edu & Applied Ling (JFT)
8181F Int PhD Edu & Communications (FT)
8185F Int PhD Maths and Stats (FT)
8185P Int PhD Maths and Stats (PT)
2964F Int. Foundation - Biomed, Biol & Pharm
2995J Int. Foundation Certificate - Architectu
2355U International Year On - Architecture
2356U International Year One - Architecture
2992U International Year One - Business
2943F International Year One: Engineering
2994J INTO Grad Diploma: Computing (Jan)
8191F IPhD Linguistics & Eng Lang (FT)
8184F IPhD Phonetics and Phonology (FT)
5870P L7 Senior Leader Master Deg Appre (EMBA)
5887P LLM Emerging Technologies & the Law
5822F LLM Environ'l Reg & Sustain Dev (FT)
5822P LLM Environ'l Reg & Sustain Dev (PT)
5834F LLM Environmental Law & Policy (Res) FT
5834P LLM Environmental Law & Policy (Res) PT
5832F LLM International Commercial Law (FT)
5832P LLM International Commercial Law (PT)
5820F LLM International Law
5820P LLM International Law (PT)
5821F LLM International Trade Law
5862F LLM Law
5865F LLM Law and Society (Legal Research)
5865P LLM Law and Society (Legal Research) PT
5890P LLM Mediation & Int. Comm Dispute Resol
5890F LLM Mediation & Int. Comm Dispute Resolu
5835F LLM Research Methods in Law (FT)
5835P LLM Research Methods in Law (PT)
4033F MA Ancient History (RPCSAW) (FT)
4033P MA Ancient History (RPCSAW) (PT)
4806F MA Applied Linguistic Research (FT)
4056F MA Applied Linguistics & TESOL (FT)
4056P MA Applied Linguistics & TESOL (PT)
4002P MA Arch, Landscape and Planning (PT)
4111F MA Arch, Plan & Landscape (Design) (FT)
4002F MA Arch, Planning & Landscape (FT)
4089F MA Archaeology (F/T)
4089P MA Archaeology (P/T)
4119F MA Architectural Design Research
4115P MA Architectural Theory and Criticism
4138P MA Art Museum and Gallery Studies
4167F MA Artefacts and Technologies (FT)
4167P MA Artefacts and Technologies (PT)
4093F MA Arts, Business and Creativity (FT)
4093P MA Arts, Business and Creativity (PT)
4066F MA British History (FT)
4066P MA British History (PT)
4053F MA CCC & International Mgmt (FT)
4053P MA CCC & International Mgmt (PT)
4054F MA CCC & International Relations (FT)
4054P MA CCC & International Relations (PT)
4067F MA CCC and Applied Linguistics (FT)
4067P MA CCC and Applied Linguistics (PT)
4069F MA CCC and Education (FT)
4069P MA CCC and Education (PT)
4068F MA CCC and International Marketing (FT)
4068P MA CCC and International Marketing (PT)
4070F MA CCC and Media Studies (FT)
4070P MA CCC and Media Studies (PT)
4165F MA Classical Archaeology:Greek &Roman FT
4165P MA Classical Archaeology:Greek &Roman PT
4035F MA Classics and Ancient History (FT)
4035P MA Classics and Ancient History (PT)
4134F MA Creative Arts Practice
4021F MA Creative Writing (FT)
4021P MA Creative Writing (PT)
4133P MA Cross Cultural Communication (PT)
4133F MA Cross-Cultural Communication
4122F MA Early Medieval & Byzantine Archaeolog
4018F MA Education Research (FT)
4018P MA Education Research (PT)
5841F MA Education: Int Perspectives (D&E)(FT)
5828F MA Education: Int Perspectives (FT)
5842F MA Education: Int Perspectives (T&L)
5840F MA Education: Int Perspectives (TinE) FT
5838F MA Education:Int Perspectives (L&M) (FT)
4168F MA English Lit (Childrenā??s Literature)
4022P MA English Literature
4029F MA Euro Union Studs (FT)
4029P MA Euro Union Studs (PT)
4080F MA European History (FT)
4080P MA European History (PT)
4039F MA Film: Theory & Practice (FT)
4039P MA Film: Theory & Practice (PT)
4116F MA Finance and Economics (Research) (FT)
4116P MA Finance and Economics (Research) (PT)
4114F MA Future Landscape Imaginaries (FT)
4114P MA Future Landscape Imaginaries (PT)
4023F MA Gender Studies (FT)
4023P MA Gender Studies (PT)
4091P MA Greek & Roman Archaeology (P/T)
4121P MA Greek and Byzantine Archaeology
4091F MA Greek and Roman Archaeology (F/T)
4161F MA Greek Archaeology (FT)
4161P MA Greek Archaeology (PT)
4139P MA Heritage Studies
4166F MA Historical Archaeology (FT)
4166P MA Historical Archaeology (PT)
4135F MA History
4065F MA History of Medicine (FT)
4065P MA History of Medicine (PT)
4025F MA Human Geography Research (FT)
4025P MA Human Geography Research (PT)
4048F MA Human Resource Management (FT)
4064P MA in English Language & Linguistics
4081F MA Int Devt & Educ (FT)
4082F MA Int Multimedia Journalism (FT)
4088F MA Int Pols (Critical Geopolitics) (FT)
4088P MA Int Pols (Critical Geopolitics) (PT)
4087F MA Int Pols (Global Justice & Ethics) FT
4087P MA Int Pols (Global Justice & Ethics) PT
4086F MA Int Pols (Global, Pov & Devt) FT
4086P MA Int Pols (Global, Pov & Devt) PT
4046F MA International HRM (FT)
4030P MA International Relations
4042F MA Interpreting (FT)
9488 MA Intl Business Management
4152F MA Intl Dev & Ed W Cross Cult Comms (FT)
4031F MA Intl Political Economy (FT)
4031P MA Intl Political Economy (PT)
4151F MA Landscape Architecture Studies (FT)
4003F MA Landscape Design Studies (FT)
4003P MA Landscape Design Studies (PT)
4164P MA Late Antiq, Med & Byzan Arch (PT)
4164F MA Late Antiq, Med and Byzan Arch (FT)
4101F MA Later European Prehistory (FT)
4101P MA Later European Prehistory (PT)
4084F MA Latin Am Interdisc Studies (FT)
4084P MA Latin Am Interdisc Studies (PT)
4140P MA Linguistics
4085F MA Linguistics of European Langs (FT)
4085P MA Linguistics of European Langs (PT)
4062F MA Local & Regional Dev (Research) (FT)
4062P MA Local & Regional Dev (Research) (PT)
4028F MA Local & Regional Development (FT)
4028P MA Local and Regional Development (PT)
4118F MA Manag and Bus Studies (Research) (FT)
4118P MA Manag and Bus Studies (Research) (PT)
4075F MA Media & Journalism (FT)
4075P MA Media & Journalism (PT)
4076F MA Media & Public Relations (FT)
4076P MA Media & Public Relations (PT)
4156F MA Media and Society (Research)
4019F MA Modern & Contemporary Lit (FT)
4019P MA Modern & Contemporary Lit (PT)
4007F MA Museum Studies (FT)
4007P MA Museum Studies (PT)
4006F MA Planning & Environ Research (FT)
4006P MA Planning & Environ Research (PT)
4026F MA Politics (Research) (FT)
4026P MA Politics (Research) (PT)
4160F MA Prehistoric Archaeology (FT)
4160P MA Prehistoric Archaeology (PT)
4071F MA Prof Transl for Euro Langs (FT)
4071P MA Prof Transl for Euro Langs (PT)
4169F MA Public History FT
4169P MA Public History PT
4141F MA Regional Dev & Spatial Planning
4092F MA Roman & Byzantine Archaeology (F/T)
4092P MA Roman and Byzantine Archaeology (P/T)
4162F MA Roman Archaeology (FT)
4162P MA Roman Archaeology (PT)
4100F MA Roman Frontier Studies (FT)
4163P MA Roman Frontier Studies (PT)
4117F MA Sociolinguistics (Research) (FT)
4117P MA Sociolinguistics (Research) (PT)
4027F MA Sociology & Social Research (FT)
4027P MA Sociology & Social Research (PT)
4105F MA Sociology (FT)
4105P MA Sociology (PT)
4040F MA Transla & Interp (FT)
4041F MA Translating (FT)
4059F MA Translating Studies (FT)
4005F MA Urban Conservation (FT)
4005P MA Urban Conservation (PT)
5365F MA Urban Design (Accelerated route) (FT)
4004F MA Urban Design (FT)
4004P MA Urban Design (PT)
4109F MA World Politics & Popular Culture (FT)
4109P MA World Politics & Popular Culture (PT)
4154P MA Writing Poetry (Newcastle)(PT)
4155P MA Writing Poetry (Poetry School London)
1667U MArch and Urban Planning (Urban Design)
5843F MArch Architecture (FT)
5872F MArch Architecture with Study Abroad Yr
1713U Marketing with Study Abroad (Inversion)
5829P Master Art Museum & Gallery Prac (PT)
5830P Master Heritage Practice (PT)
5844P Master in Clinical Research (Ageing)(PT
1661U Master of Architec and Urb Plan unaccred
1660U Master of Architecture and Urban Plan
5829F Master of Art Museum & Gallery Practice
5877F Master of Clinical Dentistry in Endodont
5878F Master of Clinical Dentistry in Periodon
5879F Master of Clinical Dentistry Prosthodont
5846P Master of Clinical Research (1 YR Accel)
B401 Master of Dietetics
5808F Master of Fine Art (FT)
5830F Master of Heritage Practice (FT)
4157F Master of Landscape Architecture
5445F Master of Medical Education (e-Learn FT)
5886P Master of Medical Education (e-Learning)
5831F Master of Museum Practice (FT)
5831P Master of Museum Practice (PT)
5811F Master of Music (FT)
5811P Master of Music (PT)
K400 Master of Planning
5854F Master of Public Health
5854P Master of Public Health 2YPT
5855P Master of Public Health 3YPT
B62M Master of Speech and Language Sciences
5806F Master of Town Planning (Europe) (FT)
5806P Master of Town Planning (Europe) (PT)
5807F Master Town Planning (UConsrv) (FT)
5807P Master Town Planning (UConsrv) (PT)
5801P Master Town Planning Disrt Only (PT)
5823F MBA (FT)
5871F MBA (FT) (Jan Start)
1141U MBiol Bio (Cell & Molecular) w Place Yr
1607U MBiol Bio (Cell & Molecular) w Place Yr3
1145U MBiol Bio (Ecol & Conserv) w Placemnt Yr
C103 MBiol Biology
C7C1 MBiol Biology (Cell & Molecular)
C183 MBiol Biology (Ecology and Conservation)
C181 MBiol Biology (Ecology and Environ Biol)
1140U MBiol Biology with Placement Year
C301 MBiol Zoology
1549U MBiol Zoology with Placement (Y3)
1142U MBiol Zoology with Placement Year
F156 MChem Chem with Medicinal Chem Study Abr
F107 MChem Chemistry with Study Abroad
F124 MChem Medicinal Chem (Ind Train)
F123 MChem with Hons in Medicinal Chemistry
F103 MChem with Hons in Chemistry
F106 MChm Hon Chemistry (Industrial Training)
5848P MClinRes (1 Yr Accel Ageing PT)
4855P MClinRes Acc PT EL
4854P MClinRes PT
4853P MClinRes PT EL
I524 MComp (Hons) Comp Sci W Ind P (Bio-Comp)
I612 MComp (Hons) Comp Sci W Ind P (Game Eng)
I122 MComp (Hons) Comp Sci W Ind P (M & D S)
I194 MComp (Hons) Comp Sci W Ind P (Se & Res)
I100 MComp (Hons) Comp Sci W Ind Placemt
G406 MComp (Hons) Comp Science (St Abrd) (FT)
G405 MComp (Hons) Computer Science (FT)
I522 MComp Comp Sci (Bio-Computing)
I120 MComp Comp Sci (Mob & Dist System)
I192 Mcomp Comp Sci (Sec and Res)
I610 MComp Computer Science (Game Engineer)
F640 MEarthSci Earth Science
F645 MEarthSci Earth Science with Year in Ind
1642U MEarthSci Hons EarthSci with Yr in Indus
5839F MEd (Inclusive Education) (FT)
5859P MEd Practitioner Enquiry (Leadership) PT
5858P MEd Practitioner Enquiry (PT)
1154U MEng Chem Eng Hons Biopro Eng w Place Yr
1631U MEng Chem Eng Hons Bioprocess Eng
1150U MEng Chem Eng Hons Proc Ctrl w Place Yr
1632U MEng Chem Eng Hons Process Control
1156U MEng Chem Eng Hons Sust Eng w Place Yr
HH82 MEng Chem Eng Hons Sustainable Eng
1149U MEng Chemical Engineering w Placemt Year
1553U MEng Chemical Engineering w Placemt Yr3
1743U MEng Civ & Struct Eng Yr Ind (inversion)
H296 MEng Civ & Structure Engin with Yr Indus
H298 MEng Civ & Survey Engineer with Yr Indus
H295 MEng Civil Engineer with Yr in Industry
1742U MEng Civil Engineer Yr Indus (inversion)
1604U MEng Elec & E'tron Eng w Ind Pro w Pl Y3
1181U MEng Elec & E'tron Eng w Ind Pro w Pl Yr
H622 MEng Elec Pow Eng w Ind Proj
H103 MEng Engineering with Foundation year
1191U MEng H E'ron & Comp Eng w Ind Pr w Pl Yr
1186U MEng H E'ronic Comms w Ind Pro w Pl Yr
1175U MEng H Mech Design & Manuf Eng w Pl Year
1173U MEng H Mech Eng w Mechatronics w Place Y
H292 MEng Hon Civil & Surv Eng
1554U MEng Hons Automation & Contr w Pl Yr3
1193U MEng Hons Automation & Contr w Place Yr
H661 MEng Hons Automation & Control w Ind Pro
H813 MEng Hons Chemical Engineering
H816 MEng Hons Chemical Engineering (FndYr)
H815 MEng Hons Chemical Engineering Industry
H242 MEng Hons Civil & Struc Eng
H291 MEng Hons Civil Eng (FndY)
H290 MEng Hons Civil Engineering
H991 MEng Hons Digital Electronics w Ind Proj
1195U MEng Hons Digital Electronics w PlaceYr
H654 MEng Hons E'ronics & Comp Eng w Ind Proj
H606 MEng Hons Elec & Electronic Eng (FndY)
H605 MEng Hons Elec & E'tronic Eng w Ind Proj
1187U MEng Hons Elec Pow Eng w Place Yr
H621 MEng Hons Electronic Comms w Ind Project
H602 MEng Hons Electronic Eng w Ind Project
1560U MEng Hons in Eng wi Civ Eng wi Pl Yr
1562U MEng Hons in Eng wi Elc Eng wi Pl Yr
1564U MEng Hons in Eng wi Mech Eng wi Pl Yr
1559U MEng Hons in Engineering wi Civ Eng
1561U MEng Hons in Engineering wi Elc Eng
1563U MEng Hons in Engineering wi Mech Eng
J616 MEng Hons Marine Technology (FndY)
H390 MEng Hons Mech & Low Carb Transp Eng
HH37 MEng Hons Mech Design & Manuf Eng
H3H6 MEng Hons Mech Eng with Mechatronics
H305 MEng Hons Mechanical Eng (FndY)
1566U MEng Hons Mechanical Eng with Placement
H301 MEng Hons Mechanical Engineering
1185U MEng Hons Microelec Eng w Place Yr
1167U MEng Mar Tech (Sml Craft Tech) w Place Y
1161U MEng Mar Tech Hons Offshore Eng w Plc Yr
1162U MEng Mar Tech w Hons in Mar Eng w Pl Yr
1551U MEng Mar Tech w Hons in Mar Eng w Pl Yr3
1164U MEng Mar Tech w Hons in Nav Arch w Pl Yr
H501 MEng Mar Tech with Hons in Mar Eng
H356 MEng Mar Tech with Hons in Offshore Eng
H524 MEng Mar Tech with Hons Sml Craft Tech
H503 MEng Marine Tech with Hons in Naval Arch
1174U MEng Mech Eng w Biomed Eng w Place Year
1315U MEng Mech Eng w Energy w Placement Year
1751U MEng Mech Eng w Energy w Plcmt Yr (Yr 5)
1628U MEng Mech Eng with Biomedical Eng
1171U MEng Mech Eng with Placement Year
H3H2 MEng Mechanical Engineering with Energy
H612 MEng Microelec Eng w Ind Proj
H630 MEng Power Eng (Degree Apprenticeship)
1442U MEng Sustai Transp Eng w place yr
H392 MEng Sustainable Transport Engineering
H104 MEng with Honours in Engineering
F8D4 MEnv Agricul'l & Enviro'l Science (FT)
F8H8 MEnv Clean Technology (FT)
F8C1 MEnv Ecosystem Management (FT)
F8F6 MEnv Environmental Geochemistry
F900 MEnv Environmental Science
1624U MEnv Environmental Science with PlaceYr
FD84 MEnvSci Agric & Environ Sci with Placemt
FH88 MEnvSci Clean Tech with Placement
FC81 MEnvSci Ecosystem Management with Place
FF86 MEnvSci Enviro Geochem with Placement
7824F MLitt Chinese Studies (FT)
7824P MLitt Chinese Studies (PT)
7820F MLitt Ancient History (FT)
7820P MLitt Ancient History (PT)
7813F MLitt Archaeology (FT)
7813P MLitt Archaeology (PT)
7811F MLitt Classics (FT)
7811P MLitt Classics (PT)
7826F MLitt Cultural Property Protection FT
7826P MLitt Cultural Property Protection PT
7806F MLitt English Language (FT)
7806P MLitt English Language (PT)
7828F MLitt English Literature (Creat Wri)
7807F MLitt English Literature (FT)
7807P MLitt English Literature (PT)
7819F MLitt Film Studies (FT)
7819P MLitt Film Studies (PT)
7814F MLitt French (FT)
7814P MLitt French (PT)
7815F MLitt German (FT)
7815P MLitt German (PT)
7822F MLitt Heritage, Museums & Galleries (FT)
7822P MLitt Heritage, Museums & Galleries (PT)
7812F MLitt History (FT)
7812P MLitt History (PT)
7827F MLitt Interpreting Studies FT
7827P MLitt Interpreting Studies PT
7823F MLitt Japanese Studies (FT)
7823P MLitt Japanese Studies (PT)
7818F MLitt Latin American Studies (FT)
7818P MLitt Latin American Studies (PT)
7809F MLitt Linguistics (FT)
7809P MLitt Linguistics (PT)
7802F MLitt Music (FT)
7802P MLitt Music (PT)
7825F MLitt Philosophy
7825P MLitt Philosophy (Part time)
7817F MLitt Portuguese (FT)
7817P MLitt Portuguese (PT)
7816F MLitt Spanish (FT)
7816P MLitt Spanish (PT)
7821F MLitt Translation Studies (FT)
7821P MLitt Translation Studies (PT)
7821S MLitt Translation Studies (Staff)
G103 MMath Hons Mathematics
1168U MMath Hons Mathematics with Placement Yr
1609U MMath Mathematics with Int. Study Year
GGC3 MMaths Hons Maths & Stats
1169U MMathStat Hons Maths & Stats w Place Yr
5446P MMedEd Accel (e-learning)
5833F MPA Educational Leadership & Mgt (FT)
5833P MPA Educational Leadership & Mgt (PT)
F3FM MPhys Physics with Astrophysics
1558U MPhys Physics with Astrophysics w placem
F305 MPhys Physics with Foundation Year
F303 MPhys Physics with Hons
1178U MPhys Physics with Hons w Placement Year
1570U MPhys Physics with Placement Exit Award
1568U MPhys Theoretical Phys w Place Yr Exit
F344 MPhys Theoretical Physics
1567U MPhys Theoretical Physics exit award
1180U MPhys Theoretical Physics with Place Yr
4814F MRes Ageing Health (FT)
4825F MRes Animal Behaviour (FT)
4864F MRes Biofabrication and Bioprinting (FT)
4868F MRes Biotechnology and Biodesign FT
4819F MRes Biotechnology Bus Enterprise (FT)
4816F MRes Cancer (FT)
4837F MRes Cardio Science
4862F MRes Cell Signalling (Health & Disease)
4863F MRes Clinical Exercise Physiology
4852F MRes Cloud Computing For Big Data
4835F MRes Diabetes (FT)
4843F MRes Digital Civics
4869F MRes Drug Delivery and Nanomedicine
4871F MRes Ecology FT
4871P MRes Ecology PT
4826F MRes Epidemiology (FT)
4832F MRes Evolution and Human Behaviour (FT)
4881F MRes Geospatial Data Science (FT)
4840F MRes Global Health
4838F MRes Healthy Musculoskeletal Age (CIMA)
4813F MRes Immunobiology (FT)
4867F MRes in Environmental Geoscience
4857F MRes Marine Ecosystems & Governance (FT)
4857P MRes Marine Ecosystems & Governance (PT)
4807F MRes Medical & Molecular Biosci (FT)
4827F MRes Medical Genetics (FT)
4834F MRes Mitochondrial Biology & Med (FT)
4828F MRes Molecular Microbiology (FT)
4836F MRes Neuro Diseases
4818F MRes Neuroscience (FT)
4872F MRes Oral & Dental Sciences
4866F MRes Physics (Experimental) FT
4866P MRes Physics (Experimental) PT
4865F MRes Physics (Theoretical) FT
4865P MRes Physics (Theoretical) PT
4817F MRes Regen Medicine & Stem Cells (FT)
4861P MRes Sustain Agric & Food Security 2 YR
4841F MRes Sustainable Agric & Food Sec (FT)
4805F MRes Technology in Marine Envi (FT)
4820F MRes Toxicology (FT)
4822F MRes Translat Med and Therapeutics (FT)
4829F MRes Transplantation (FT)
4856F MRes Urban Energy Tech & Policy (FT)
4851F MRes/MD (Medical Sciences)
4850F MRes/PhD (Medical Sciences)
5156F MSc Accounting Finance & Strategic Inves
5387F MSc Adv Arch Des: Property Development
5383F MSc Adv Arch Design: Arch & Cities (1yr)
5384F MSc Adv Arch Design: Arch & Cities (2yr)
5385F MSc Adv Arch Design: Computation
5386F MSc Adv Arch Design: Sust Build & Env
5178F MSc Advanced Computer Science (FT)
5178P MSc Advanced Computer Science (PT)
5239F MSc Advanced Elec Power Eng (2 Year)(FT)
4107F MSc Advanced Int Bus Manag (FT)
4108F MSc Advanced Int Bus Manag Markt (FT)
5021F MSc Agricultural & Envt'l Science (FT)
5021P MSc Agricultural & Envt'l Science (PT)
5057F MSc Automation & Control (FT)
5148F MSc Banking & Finance (FT)
5026F MSc Biodiiv Cons & Ecosystem Mang (FT)
5026P MSc Biodiv Conser & Ecosyst Manag (PT)
5198F MSc Bioinformatics (FT)
5204F MSc Biomedical Engineering (FT)
5371F MSc Chemistry
5261P MSc Clin & HS Clin Res (PT)
5197P MSc Clin Linguistics and EBP (Research)
5253P MSc Clin Sci (Card Sci) (PT)
5256P MSc Clin Sci (Gastro Phys) (PT)
5251P MSc Clin Sci (Imag w Ion Rad) (PT)
5252P MSc Clin Sci (Imag w Non-Ion Rad) (PT)
5249P MSc Clin Sci (Rad Phys) (PT)
5250P MSc Clin Sci (Rad Saf Phys) (PT)
5255P MSc Clin Sci (Resp & Sleep) (PT)
5257P MSc Clin Sci (Uro Sci) (PT)
5254P MSc Clin Sci (Vasc Sci) (PT)
5406P MSc Clinical & Health Sci wi Molec Patho
5405P MSc Clinical & Health Sci with Clin Res
5404P MSc Clinical and Health Sci with Ageing
5403P MSc Clinical and Health Sciences
5056F MSc Cloud Computing (FT)
5056P MSc Cloud Computing (PT)
5424P MSc Coaching & Mentoring (Jan Entry)
5425P MSc Coaching & Mentoring (Sept Entry)
5066F MSc Comms & Signal Proc (FT)
5199F MSc Comp Neurosci and Neuroinf (FT)
5201F MSc Computational Systems Biology (FT)
5152F MSc Computer Game Engineering
5055F MSc Computer Science (FT)
5055P MSc Computer Science (PT)
5144F MSc Computer Security & Resilience (FT)
5144P MSc Computer Security & Resilience (PT)
5437F MSc Conservation and Ecosystem Mangt FT
5437P MSc Conservation and Ecosystem Mangt PT
5395F MSc Data Science
5395P MSc Data Science (part time)
5449F MSc Data Science (with AI)
5449P MSc Data Science (with AI) PT
4870F MSc Data Science (with Stats)
4870P MSc Data Science (with Stats) PT
5450F MSc Data Science (with Visualisation)
5450P MSc Data Science (with Visualisation) PT
5458P MSc Digital & Tech Sol - Deg App (Feb)
5444P MSc Digital & Tech Sol - Deg Appr
5453P MSc Digital & Tech Sol - Deg Appr (Jan)
5418P MSc Digital Tech Sol Deg App - Cyber Sec
5419P MSc Digital Tech Sol Deg App - Data Anal
5099F MSc Drug Chemistry (FT)
5099P MSc Drug Chemistry (PT)
5124F MSc E-Business
5175F MSc E-Business (E-Marketing) (FT)
5174F MSc E-Business (Info Systems) (FT)
5054F MSc Ecological Consultancy
5059P MSc Electrical Power
5441F MSc Electrical Power (2 year)
5059F MSc Electrical Power (FT)
5369F MSc Electrical Power Eng (Singapore)
5454F MSc Electrical Power Eng (Singapore) Jan
5369P MSc Electrical Power Eng (Singapore) PT
5454P MSc Electrical Power Eng PT (Jan)
5134F MSc Embedded Systems & Int of Things FT
5381F MSc Energy and Sustainability
5455F MSc Energy and Sustainability (Jan)
5448P MSc Engineering Geology (2Yr PT)
5041F MSc Engineering Geology (FT)
5041P MSc Engineering Geology (PT)
5023F MSc Envi Res Assessment (FT)
5023P MSc Envi Res Assessment (PT)
5209P MSc Environ'l & Petrol Geochem (PT)
5209F MSc Environ'l & Petroleum Geochem (FT)
5208P MSc Environm'l Consultancy (CIVIL) (PT)
5038F MSc Environmental Engineering (FT)
5038P MSc Environmental Engineering (PT)
5310P MSc Environmental Engineering (PT) 2 Yr
5208F MSc Envirot'l Consultancy (CIVIL) (FT)
5170F MSc Evid-Based Pract in Com Disord (FT)
5170P MSc Evid-Based Pract in Com Disord (PT)
5430F MSc Exercise Physiology
5149F MSc Finance (FT)
5162F MSc Finance and Financial Reg (FT)
5163F MSc Finance and Law with Islamic Finance
5226P MSc Flood Risk Management (PT)
4801F MSc Food Rural Devel Research (FT)
4801P MSc Food Rural Devel Research (PT)
5285F MSc Forensic Psychology (non-accredited)
5270F MSc Forensic Psychology F/T
5270P MSc Forensic Psychology P/T
5288F MSc Foundations in Clin Psy w Internship
5202F MSc Foundations in Clinical Psychology
5042F MSc Geotechnical Engineering (FT)
5420P MSc Geotechnical Engineering (PT 2 Yrs)
5042P MSc Geotechnical Engineering (PT)
5291F MSc Global Human Resource Management
5231F MSc Global Public Health
5231P MSc Global Public Health (2Yrs)
5242P MSc Global Public Health (3 Yrs)
5390F MSc Global Wildlife Science & Policy
5230P MSc Health Services Research 2YPT
5241P MSc Health Services Research 3YPT
5230F MSc Health Services Research FT
5447F MSc Human Computer Interaction
5407P MSc Hydrogeology & Water Management (PT)
5407F MSc Hydrogeology and Water Management
5182F MSc Hydroinform & Water Mgt (EA) Granted
5140F MSc Hydroinformatics & Water Mgt (EA)
5408F MSc Hydrology and Water Management
5408P MSc Hydrology and Water Management (PT)
5158F MSc IMEC (FT)
5158P MSc IMEC (PT)
5388F MSc in Computational Ecology
5438F MSc in Ecology and Biodiversity
5389F MSc in Ecology and Wildlife Conservation
5017F MSc Industrial & Commercial Biotech (FT)
5451F MSc Industrial Auto & Mach Learn (Jan)
5451P MSc Industrial Auto & Mach Learn (Jan)PT
5452F MSc Industrial Auto & Mach Learn (Sept)
5452P MSc Industrial Auto & Mach Learn(Sept)PT
5117F MSc Innov'n, Creativity & Entrepren'ship
4050F MSc Int Financial Analysis (FT)
4050P MSc Int Financial Analysis (PT)
5461F MSc Int.Bus.Management (Sustainability)
4047F MSc Intern'l Business Management (FT)
5118F MSc International Economics & Finance FT
5145F MSc International Marketing (FT)
5177P MSc International Spatial Planning
5104F MSc Language Pathology (FT)
5205F MSc Low Carbon Transport (FT)
5072F MSc Marine Eng Inc Prelim Yr (FT)
5068F MSc Marine Engineering (FT)
5068P MSc Marine Engineering (PT)
5412P MSc Marine Tech (Marine Eng) (Jan)
5082P MSc Marine Tech (Marine Eng) (PT)
5411P MSc Marine Tech (Marine Eng) (Sept)
5081P MSc Marine Tech (Nava Arch) (PT)
5414P MSc Marine Tech (Naval Arch) (Jan)
5413P MSc Marine Tech (Naval Arch) (Sept)
5416P MSc Marine Tech (Off Mar Ren En) (Jan)
5415P MSc Marine Tech (Off Mar Ren En) (Sept)
5115P MSc Marine Technology
5410P MSc Marine Technology (General) (Jan)
5116P MSc Marine Technology (General) (PT)
5409P MSc Marine Technology (General) (Sept)
5456P MSc Marine Technology PT (Jan)
5276P MSc Marine Transport Management
5136F MSc Materials, Design & Engineering (2Y)
5120F MSc Mechanical Engineering
5184F MSc Medical Sciences
5168F MSc Medicinal Plants & Funct'l Food (FT)
5168P MSc Medicinal Plants & Funct'l Food (PT)
5060F MSc Microelectronics (FT)
5393F MSc Microelectronics: Systems & Devices
5091F MSc Naval Architecture (FT)
5091P MSc Naval Architecture (PT)
5078F MSc Naval Architecture Inc Pre Yr(FT)
5427P MSc Offshore, Subsea and Pipeline Eng PT
5427F MSc Offshore, Subsea and Pipeline Engine
5213P MSc Onc for the Pharma Industry
5211P MSc Oncology
5398P MSc Oncology (Jan)
5397P MSc Oncology (Sept)
5402P MSc Oncology Pharm Industry (Jan)
5401P MSc Oncology Pharm Industry (Sept)
4120F MSc Ops & Supply Chain Mgmt (Dual award)
5155F MSc Ops Mgmnt, Logistics and Accoun (FT)
5154F MSc Ops, Log and Supply Chain Mgmt (FT)
5161F MSc Org Farming & Food Prod Systems (FT)
5161P MSc Organic Farm & Food Production Systm
5212P MSc Palliative Care
5400P MSc Palliative Care (Jan)
5399P MSc Palliative Care (Sept)
5034F MSc Petroleum Geochem (FT)
5176F MSc Plan Sustain and Clim Change (FT)
5129F MSc Power Distribution Engineering (FT)
5129P MSc Power Distribution Engineering (PT)
5382F MSc Process Safety and Risk Magmt (FT)
5382P MSc Process Safety and Risk Management
5457F MSc Process Safety and Risk Mgt (FT) Jan
5457P MSc Process Safety and Risk Mgt (PT) Jan
5011F MSc Public Health & Health Serv Res (FT)
5011P MSc Public Health & Health Serv Res (PT)
5240P MSc Public Health & Health Serv Res 3YPT
5173F MSc Quantitative Fin & Risk Mang (FT)
5160F MSc REEM (FT)
5160P MSc REEM (PT)
5284P MSc REEM (PT) (Jan)
5122F MSc Renewable Energy (FT)
5396F MSc Smart Systems Engineering FT
5396P MSc Smart Systems Engineering PT
4810F MSc Social Science & Health Research (FT
4810P MSc Social Science & Health Research (PT
5417F MSc Sport and Exercise Psychology (FT)
5417P MSc Sport and Exercise Psychology (PT)
5422P MSc Strategic Leadership (Jan Entry)
5423P MSc Strategic Leadership (L7 Apprentice)
5421P MSc Strategic Leadership (Sept Entry)
5044F MSc Structural Engineering (FT)
5044P MSc Structural Engineering (PT)
5238P MSc Sustain Agric and Food Sec (PT) 2YR
5237F MSc Sustainable Agric and Food Sec (FT)
5031F MSc Sustainable Chemical Engineering(FT)
5200F MSc Synthetic Biology (FT)
5141P MSc Town Planning (Accelerated route)
5109F MSc Town Planning (FT)
5109P MSc Town Planning (PT)
5439P MSc Transport Eng Plan and Mgt PT (Jan)
5440P MSc Transport Eng Plan and Mgt PT (Sept)
5439F MSc Transport Eng, Plan and Mgt (Jan)
5440F MSc Transport Eng, Plan and Mgt (Sept)
5278F MSc Transport Plan & Bus Mgt (FT) (Jan)
5293P MSc Transport Planning and Eng (2YR PT)
5277F MSc Transport Planning and Eng (FT)(Jan)
5380P MSc Urb Plan - Cities and Security (PT)
5379F MSc Urb Plan - Green Inf & Land Pl (FT)
5379P MSc Urb Plan - Green Inf & Land Pl (PT)
5266F MSc Urban Energy Tech & Pol (Arch)(FT)
5267F MSc Urban Energy Tech & Pol (Eng) (FT)
5265F MSc Urban Energy Tech & Pol (Plan)(FT)
5380F MSc Urban Plan - Cities & Security (FT)
5375F MSc Urban Plan - Env Change & Just (FT)
5375P MSc Urban Plan - Env Change & Just (PT)
5376F MSc Urban Plan - Global Development (FT)
5376P MSc Urban Plan - Global Development (PT)
5373F MSc Urban Planning (FT)
5373P MSc Urban Planning (PT)
5391F MSc Urban Planning - Accelerated Route
5378F MSc Urban Planning - Conservation (FT)
5378P MSc Urban Planning - Conservation (PT)
5374F MSc Urban Planning - Development (FT)
5374P MSc Urban Planning - Development (PT)
5377F MSc Urban Planning - Regeneration (FT)
5377P MSc Urban Planning - Regeneration (PT)
5235F MSc Wildlife Management
5236P MSc Wildlife Management (CATS)
5235P MSc Wildlife Management (PT) (2 Years)
C701 MSci Biochemistry
C704 MSci Biochemistry w Prof Placement Year
1307U MSci Biochemistry with Placement Year
B904 MSci Biomed Genetics with Prof Place Yr
1486U MSci Biomed with Ageing
1488U MSci Biomed with Ageing & Placement
1487U MSci Biomed with Ageing & Prof Placement
1489U MSci Biomed with Infection & Immunity
1491U MSci Biomed with Infection & Placement
1490U MSci Biomed with Infection & Prof Place
1483U MSci Biomed with Neuroscience
1485U MSci Biomed with Neuroscience & Placemen
1484U MSci Biomed with Neuroscience & Prof Pla
B903 MSci Biomedical Genetics
1308U MSci Biomedical Genetics w Placement Yr
B900 MSci Biomedical Sciences
B944 MSci Biomedical Sciences w Prof Place Yr
1309U MSci Biomedical Sciences with Place Year
H271 MSci Map & Geospat Data Sci (w Yr Ind)
H270 MSci Mapping and Geospatial Data Science
3071P PG Cert Cancer Studies
3462P PG Cert CBT for Anxiety Disorders
3077P PG Cert Educational Leadership (January)
3073P PG Cert Educational Leadership (Sept)
3178F PG Cert Geospatial Data Science (FT)
3182P PG Cert in Conscious Sedation
3146P PG Cert in Medical Education
3061P PG Cert Innov Pedagogy & Curric (CATS)
3118P PG Cert Innov Pedagogy & Curriculum PT
3069F PG Cert Low Intense Psychol Therap (SHA)
3174P PG Cert Marine Technology (Jan)
3173P PG Cert Marine Technology (Sept)
3179F PG Cert Power Electronics for Sust Prop
3079P PG Cert Teaching & Learning in HE (Jan)
3075P PG Cert Teaching & Learning in HE (Sept)
3107P PG CertClinRes PT EL
3033P PG Certificate Creative Writing (PT)
3502P PG Dip CBT (Prim Care) HEE Non-contract
3463P PG Dip CBT (Primary Care) HENE
3464P PG Dip CBT (Specialist App Pathway)
3442F PG Dip Clin Ling and EBP (Research)
3516P PG Dip Clinical & Health Sci Molec Patho
3515P PG Dip Clinical & Health Sci wi Clin R
3514P PG Dip Clinical and Health Sci with Agei
3513P PG Dip Clinical and Health Sciences
3450P PG Dip ClinRes (1 YR Accel PT)
3452P PG Dip ClinRes Ageing (1YR Accel PT)
3500F PG Dip Global Public Health
3499F PG Dip in Health Services Research (FT)
3499P PG Dip in Health Services Research (PT)
3510P PG Dip in Medical Education (e-Learning)
3525P PG Dip Mar Tech (Off Mar Ren En) (Jan)
3524P PG Dip Mar Tech (Off Mar Ren En) (Sept)
3518P PG Dip Marine Tech (General) (Sept)
3521P PG Dip Marine Tech (Marine Eng) (Jan)
3520P PG Dip Marine Tech (Marine Eng) (Sept)
3523P PG Dip Marine Tech (Naval Arch) (Jan)
3522P PG Dip Marine Tech (Naval Arch) (Sept)
3519P PG Dip Marine Technology (General) (Jan)
3454P PG Dip MedEd NUMed
3536P PG Dip Mgt Studies (Apprenticeship) Jan
3535P PG Dip Mgt Studies (Apprenticeship) Sept
3459P PG Dip Oncology
3460P PG Dip Palliative Care
3431P PG Dip Pipeline Engineering (PT)
3458F PG Dip Regional Dev & Spatial Planning
3439P PG Dip Sociolinguistics (Research) (PT)
3423F PG Dip Sociology
3423P PG Dip Sociology (PT)
3439F PG Dip Socolinguistics (Research) (FT)
3538P PG Dip Strat Leadership (Apprentice) Jan
3537P PG Dip Strat Leadership (Apprentice) Sep
3477P PG DipClinRes Acc PT EL
3476P PG DipClinRes P/T
3475P PG DipClinRes PT EL
3420F PG Diploma IMEC (FT)
3420P Pg Diploma IMEC (PT)
3530P PG Diploma in Medical Ed 2Yr (e-learn)
3498F PG Diploma in Public Health (FT)
3498P PG Diploma in Public Health (PT)
3531P PG Diploma Med Ed 1Yr Accel (E-learn)
3036F PgC Educational Leadership & Mgt (FT)
3036P PgC Educational Leadership & Mgt (PT)
3021P PgC Heritage, Gallery and Museum Studies
3009F PgC Introduction to Urban Design (FT)
3009P PgC Introduction to Urban Design (PT)
3027F PgC Local & Regional Development (FT)
3027P PgC Local & Regional Development (PT)
3037P PgC Practitioner Enquiry (PT)
3028P PgC Public Health & Health Serv Res (PT)
3426P PgC Research Train (PT) - HESA Excluded
3044F PgC Research Training (FT)
3426F PgC Research Training (FT) - HESA
3044P PgC Research Training (PT)
3012F PgC Research/Design Studs Urban Des (FT)
3012P PgC Research/Design Studs Urban Des (PT)
X100 PGCE Primary 5 - 11
XR11 PGCE Primary French (5 - 11)
Q3X1 PGCE Secondary (English)
C1X1 PGCE Secondary Biology
F1X1 PGCE Secondary Chemistry
QX31 PGCE Secondary English (With Drama)
R1X1 PGCE Secondary French
RX11 PGCE Secondary French with German
RXD1 PGCE Secondary French with Spanish
F8X1 PGCE Secondary Geography
RX21 PGCE Secondary German with French
V1X1 PGCE Secondary History
G1X1 PGCE Secondary Maths
F3X1 PGCE Secondary Physics
V6X1 PGCE Secondary Religious Education
RX41 PGCE Secondary Spanish with French
3166P PGCert Cancer Studies (Jan)
3165P PGCert Cancer Studies (Sept)
3169P PGCert Clinical & Health Sci Clin Res
3171P PGCert Clinical & Health Sci Molec Patho
3168P PGCert Clinical & Health Sci with Ageing
3170P PGCert Clinical & Health Sci with Allerg
3167P PGCert Clinical & Health Sciences
3183P PGCert Clinical Echocardiography
3155F PGCert Data Science
3155P PGCert Data Science (part time)
3181P PGCert Data Science (Visualisation) PT
3180F PGCert Data Science (with AI)
3180P PGCert Data Science (with AI) PT
3177F PGCert Data Science (with Stats) FT
3177P PGCert Data Science (with Stats) PT
3181F PGCert Data Science (with Visualisation)
3051P PGCert Evid-Based Pract Com Disord (PT)
3534P PGCert in Dental Education
3070F PGCert in Low Intense Psy Therapy
3503F PGCert LIPT HEE Non-Contract
3063P PGCert MedEd - NUMed
3176P PGCert MedEd - NUMed (Sept Intake)
3160P PGCert Oncology (Jan)
3159P PGCert Oncology (Sept)
3164P PGCert Oncology Pharm Industry (Jan)
3163P PGCert Oncology Pharm Industry (Sept)
3162P PGCert Palliative Care (Jan)
3161P PGCert Palliative Care (Sept)
3360P PgD Architectural Practice & Mgmt (PT)
3316F PgD Clean Technology (FT)
3408F PgD Educational Leadership & Mgt (FT)
3408P PgD Educational Leadership & Mgt (PT)
3379F PgD Internationa Financial Analysis (FT)
3379P PgD Internationa Financial Analysis (PT)
3391F PgD Local & Regional Development (FT)
3391P PgD Local & Regional Development (PT)
3371F PgD Museum Studies (FT)
3371P PgD Museum Studies (PT)
3409P PgD Practitioner Enquiry (PT)
3385F PgD Public Health & Health Serv Res (FT)
3385P PgD Public Health & Health Serv Res (PT)
3393F PgD Spatial Planning (FT)
3393P PgD Spatial Planning (PT)
3356F PgD Town & Country Planning (FT)
3356P PgD Town & Country Planning (PT)
3362F PgD Urban Conservation (FT)
3362P PgD Urban Conservation (PT)
3359F PgD Urban Design (FT)
3359P PgD Urban Design (PT)
3448P PGDip Art Museum and Gallery Studies
3446P PGDip Clinical Research (Ageing) (PT)
3472F PGDip Cloud Computing for Big Data
3505F PGDip Data Science
3505P PGDip Data Science (part time)
3533P PGDip Data Science (Visualisation) PT
3532F PGDip Data Science (with AI)
3532P PGDip Data Science (with AI) PT
3527F PGDip Data Science (with Stats) FT
3527P PGDip Data Science (with Stats) PT
3533F PGDip Data Science (with Visualisation)
3441P PGDip Evid-Based Pract Com Disord (PT)
3438F PGDip Fin & Econ (Research) (FT)
3438P PGDip Fin & Econ (Research) (PT)
3449P PGDip Heritage Studies
3440F PGDip Mang & Bus Studies (Research) (FT)
3440P PGDip Mang & Bus Studies (Research) (PT)
3526P PGDip MedEd - NUMed (Sept Intake)
3366F PGDip Music (FT)
3461P PGDip Onc for the Pharma Industry
3507P PGDip Oncology (Jan)
3506P PGDip Oncology (Sept)
3512P PGDip Oncology Pharm Industry (Jan)
3511P PGDip Oncology Pharmaceutical Ind (Sept)
3509P PGDip Palliative Care (Jan)
3508P PGDip Palliative Care (Sept)
8440P PhD Translational and Clinical Res (PT)
8209F PhD Water Infrastructure & Resilience
3072F Primary School Direct PGCE
3138F Second School Direct PGCE: Art & Design
3135F Second School Direct PGCE: Design &Tech
3136F Second School Direct PGCE: Engineering
3137F Second School Direct PGCE: Health & Soc
3539F Secondary School Dir PGCE: Psy Heal Soci
3148F Secondary School Direct PGCE: Economics
3147F Secondary School Direct PGCE: Food
3089F Secondary School Direct PGCE: French
3087F Secondary School Direct PGCE: Geography
3088F Secondary School Direct PGCE: Maths
3134F Secondary School Direct PGCE: Music
3540F Secondary Schools Dir PGCE Des Tech Food
3062F Secondary Schools Direct PGCE
3149F Secondary Schools Direct PGCE Dance
3151F Secondary Schools Direct PGCE Psychology
3150F Secondary SD PGCE Media Studies
3094F Secondary SD PGCE: Biology
3103F Secondary SD PGCE: Business Studies
3095F Secondary SD PGCE: Chemistry
3097F Secondary SD PGCE: Combined Science
3101F Secondary SD PGCE: Computer Science
3104F Secondary SD PGCE: Drama
3100F Secondary SD PGCE: English
3090F Secondary SD PGCE: French with German
3091F Secondary SD PGCE: French with Spanish
3092F Secondary SD PGCE: German with French
3529F Secondary SD PGCE: German with Spanish
3098F Secondary SD PGCE: History
3102F Secondary SD PGCE: PE
3096F Secondary SD PGCE: Physics
3126F Secondary SD PGCE: Physics and Maths
3099F Secondary SD PGCE: RE
3105F Secondary SD PGCE: Science
3093F Secondary SD PGCE: Spanish with French
3528F Secondary SD PGCE: Spanish with German

Disclaimer: The information contained within the Module Catalogue relates to the 2022/23 academic year. In accordance with University Terms and Conditions, the University makes all reasonable efforts to deliver the modules as described. Modules may be amended on an annual basis to take account of changing staff expertise, developments in the discipline, the requirements of external bodies and partners, and student feedback. Module information for the 2023/24 entry will be published here in early-April 2023. Queries about information in the Module Catalogue should in the first instance be addressed to your School Office.