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Newcastle University in Singapore

We are shaping the future of science and engineering through powerful connections and innovative research.

Through our partnerships and cutting-edge research facility, we create powerful connections within the region for graduates, business people and politicians.

Our graduates are globally aware problem-solvers, ready to define the future of industry and government. Our postgraduate students are immersed in a hub for research, collaboration and innovation at Newcastle Research & Innovation Institute (NewRIIS). Delivered in partnership with the Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT), our undergraduate degree programmes provide world-class education in an international environment.

Latest news

International Symposium on Electromobility in the UK and Singapore

NewRIIS hosted an impactful International Symposium on Electromobility, bringing together experts, researchers, government agencies, and industry leaders from the UK and Singapore.

Water Security and Sustainable Development Symposium: focus on SEA Sept 2022

NewRIIS hosted the Water Security and Sustainable Development Symposium with a focus on South East Asia.

Smart Water Technology with Xylem

Smart water technology has the capacity to save millions of dollars by preventing water damage. Discover how we're working with Xylem to estimate wave arrival time, and safeguard Singapore.