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Module 7 – Coastal Management

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The second Bilko for Windows module is devoted solely to coastal management applications and consists of 8 lessons (pdf versions available here). For those with slow internet links, who are unable to download it over the internet, it is also available on request on CD-ROM with accompanying training materials in a 185 page booklet (Applications of Satellite and Airborne Image Data to Coastal Management) published as volume 4 in the Coastal Region and Small Island Papers series of UNESCO. All previous modules are also included on the CD-ROM.

An accompanying book Remote Sensing Handbook for Tropical Coastal Management for Module 7 is also available and can be ordered from UNESCO Publishing.

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Front cover of Module 7 manual

If you wish to download Module 7 then you must first register after which we will e-mail you the information required for access to the files for these.