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Archives Alive is a free, online interactive education resource. It uses our unique primary resources to provide fun and relevant education activities suitable for all key stages.

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Gertrude Bell ComicsGertrude Bell: Archaeologist, Writer, Explorer

Born in Washington New Hall in what was then County Durham, archaeologist Gertrude Bell (1868-1926) had a remarkable life. Find out about Gertrude’s life and work by reading these digital comics and click on the hotspots to see the original archive materials that inspired them.

Gertrude Bell ComicsThomas Baker Brown: a story of a local Tommy

Browse the comics produced by secondary school students and a professional comic artist to find out about the soldier from North Shields who served in the First World War.

Study Skills for 6th Form

A range of fun and interactive information literacy resources for 6th Form students and teachers.

Our Wallington: Victorian Scrapbook

Browse the interactive pages of Cambo First School's Victorian album, and the Trevelyan family photo album that inspired it.

Behind Every Name Lies A Story

Learn how to go about researching names on local war memorials.

Quayside Lives – Past and Present

Explore the history of the Newcastle/Gateshead Quayside as researched and recorded by local school students.

Cholera – Archives Alive

Explore the first terrifying outbreak of cholera in Gateshead / Newcastle in 1831-2.

Authors Alive - Creative writing

Create your own Victorian story, be it horror, adventure, fantasy or romance.

History of Mining in the North East

Take a step back in time and explore the mining industry during the 19th Century with interactive maps, games and activities.

Collections Captured Image Bank

Access original, authentic historical sources from local archives.

Featured activities:

Word Bubbles

Test your information literacy skills as you battle against the clock...

Cholera Games

Put your potions into practice with these interactive Cholera games...

Johnny's Birthday

Decide whether 6 year old Johnny should be sent down the mines...

Free workshops

We offer a range of workshops for key stages 2-5. These interactive sessions last between one hour and one day and make use of the local special collections unique to the library.

Information literacy

Below are several free resources and workshops we currently offer:


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