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Electronic request form for archived records

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Retrieval requests made before 9.00am will normally be avialable later the same day. Requests made after 9.00am on Monday - Thursday will normally be available within 24 hours. Requests made after 9.00am on Friday will normally be made available by Monday afternoon.

Returning boxes
You will receive a confirmation email once the boxes have been delivered.

If you are based in King's Gate, please place the boxes in the 'OUT' cupboard in the holding room and the Library Stores Team will collect them when they make their next delivery. You do not need to send an email to the Library Stores Team.

If you are not based in King's Gate please send a reply to the conformation email informing the Library Stores Team that the boxes are ready to be collected. Alternatively, you can email

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  • Data Protection Statement: The information you supply us with will be processed fairly and lawfully in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998. It will be used only to help Newcastle University Libraries evaluate and continuously improve the services we offer. It will be protected from unauthorised use, kept in a secure manner and retained only as long as is necessary.

    If you have any queries please email