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Research Strengths

Strong collaboration is at the heart of our world-leading research in data.

Through our Centre for Data, we bring researchers together from diverse disciplines to carry out pioneering research. We aim to develop responses to complex challenges.

Multidisciplinary approach

We build strong links between:

  • methodological researchers in computing and statistics
  • those applying these new methods to transform research in data-rich application areas

Multidisciplinarity is key in what we do. We work across all Faculties to apply data science and software engineering expertise.

This helps us tackle research problems in varied areas, including:

  • healthcare
  • scholarly editing
  • smart cities
  • heritage

Seven cross-cutting themes

We're building on more than 10 years and £100m worth of cross-Faculty research. We aim to tackle seven cross-cutting themes:

Latest from Newcastle

AI study aimed at preventing bowel cancer closes

A research trial putting Artificial Intelligence to the test has recruited its final patient as the team leading the study now look at how it could help save lives from bowel cancer.

Major funding for Newcastle researchers to target cancer

Scientists have received nearly £6 million from Cancer Research UK to fund their fight against the disease in adults and children.

Revolutionary new bone cancer drug could save lives

Researchers have developed a new drug that works against all the main types of primary bone cancer.