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Biomedical Informatics Research

Transforming medicine and biology through data.

Our view is that there are two fields dominating the use of data in healthcare:

  • bioinformatics
  • health or medical informatics

Our Biomedical Informatics research theme is focussed on transforming healthcare by combining together these two fields to give a more holistic view of healthcare data.

We have an excellent track record in Biomedical Informatics research and a growing and vibrant health informatics research culture.

Through this theme, we will:

  • develop new computational and statistical approaches to bioinformatics and health informatics
  • promote the convergence of the fields locally and internationally
  • consolidate and grow research strengths

Our health informatics research is linked to major projects such as '100,000 genomes' and 'Connected Health Cities'. We are strong in methods for predictive health care and health data analytics. Excellent research in underpinning fields is also a great facet for us.