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Biomedical Informatics Projects


Repurposing registered drugs is faster and more cost-efficient than de novo drug design.

REPO-TRIAL aims to improve the efficacy and precision of drug repurposing by redefining diseases entirely mechanistically, as opposed to merely descriptive definitions by symptom or organ.

To reach this goal in our biomedical informatics projects, we exploit the existing wealth of medical big data and use advanced algorithms and cutting edge in silico modelling. An in silico model that reliably predicts efficient repurposing will revolutionise medicine.

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DECOVID is a research database and a scientific endeavour for our biomedical informatics projects.

It receives data from the electronic patient record systems of a number of hospitals. This data is analysed in order to answer clinically important questions about how best to care for patients in hospital who are at risk of, are suspected or confirmed to have COVID-19.

DECOVID also hopes to understand the impact of the pandemic on non-COVID-19 patients. It aims to ensure that a wide range of hospitals will contribute to its work so that new insights are generalizable across the UK and beyond.

As the COVID-19 pandemic unfolds, DECOVID will allow researchers and clinicians to provide rapid and robust insights. These could lead to more effective clinical treatment strategies for key clinical, operational and regulatory decision-makers. It also aims to understand and reduce the impact on patients who do not have COVID-19.

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