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Module Code Module Title
GEO1005 Environmental Issues
GEO1010 Interconnected World
GEO1015 Contemporary Human Geography of the UK
GEO1016 Contemporary Human Geography of the UK (Semester 1 for Exchange Students)
GEO1018 Geographical Analysis
GEO1019 Physical Geography Field Course
GEO1020 Introduction to Physical Geography
GEO1021 Environmental Issues (Semester 1 for Exchange Students)
GEO1022 Environmental Issues (Semester 2 for Exchange Students)
GEO1096 Geographical Skills
GEO1100 Interconnected World: Economic, Social and Political Geographies - Semester 2
GEO1102 Interconnected World: Foundations and Development Geographies - Semester 1
GEO1103 Quantitative Geographical Analysis
GEO2037 Ireland Fieldtrip
GEO2043 Key Methods for Human Geographers
GEO2047 Political Geography
GEO2052 Physical Geography Fieldcourse 2: Iceland
GEO2099 Economic Geography
GEO2100 Migration, Belonging and Everyday Geopolitics: Contested Geographies of New York City
GEO2103 Development & Globalisation
GEO2110 Social Geographies
GEO2111 Doing Human Geography Research: Theory and Practice
GEO2112 Student Exchange Semester 2
GEO2114 Economic Geographies: Semester 1 (study abroad)
GEO2124 The creative and knowledge-based economy: Berlin field course
GEO2125 Fieldwork at Home
GEO2127 Doing Physical Geography Research: Theory and Practice
GEO2128 Comparative Urbanism and Central Europe: Vienna and Bratislava Fieldcourse
GEO2129 Development & Globalisation - Semester 1 (Study Abroad)
GEO2130 Development & Globalisation - Semester 2 (Study Abroad)
GEO2136 Global Environmental Change
GEO2137 Key Methods for Physical Geographers
GEO2138 Community Volunteering: A Geography Perspective
GEO2139 Exploring Everyday Political Geographies in a Divided City: Nicosia
GEO2222 Geography Fieldtrip for Module Pre-Registration
GEO2224 Sustainable Urban Development: Barcelona Field Course
GEO2225 Citizenship in a global city: Hong Kong
GEO2226 Glacial Environments
GEO2228 Biogeography
GEO2229 River Catchment Dynamics
GEO3041 Geographies of Commodities
GEO3063 Militarism: Space and Society
GEO3098 Dissertation for Study Abroad Students
GEO3099 Dissertation
GEO3102 Geopolitics
GEO3110 Tectonic Geomorphology
GEO3114 Local and Regional Development
GEO3115 Student Exchange
GEO3117 Global Water Resources
GEO3128 Polar Environments
GEO3130 Mapping the city: the urban form, transformation, and experience
GEO3135 Geographies of Gender and Generation
GEO3136 Applied Geomorphology and Natural Hazards
GEO3141 Cities of the Global South
GEO3143 Community Volunteering: A Geography Perspective
GEO3145 Humanitarianism: Representation, Intervention and Rescue
GEO3146 Geographies of Working Lives
GEO3147 Palaeoclimates
GEO3148 Emotional Geographies of Everyday Life
GEO3149 Geographies of Film, Representation and Critical Spectatorship
GEO3150 Participatory Research and Development
GEO3151 Geographies of Health
GEO8002 Local and Regional Development Theory and Policy
GEO8007 Local and Regional Development: Methodology, Analysis and Statistics
GEO8015 Doing Geographical Research
GEO8016 Philosophies in Human Geography
GEO8018 Local and Regional Development and Governance
GEO8089 Research Dissertation
GEO9089 Research Dissertation
POL1000 Introduction to Politics and History
POL1017 Governing Under Pressure: The Politics of the UK & EU
POL1032 Introduction to International Politics
POL1045 Truth, Lies and Politics
POL1046 Order and Disorder: The Shaping of the 21st Century
POL1047 Power, Participation and Democracy: Comparative Perspectives
POL1048 Foundations of Modern Political Thought
POL1131 Studying Political Economy: Ideas, Theories and Skills
POL2012 Politics of the Middle East
POL2022 Government and Politics of the USA
POL2033 Traditional East Asian Political Thought
POL2034 The Politics and Policy of the European Union
POL2045 British Politics: State and Society
POL2072 Student Exchange: Semester 2
POL2078 Critical International Politics
POL2081 Research Methods in Politics
POL2082 Political Violence and the Modern State
POL2088 The Politics of Africa: Africa's place in Global Politics
POL2090 Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion: Social Issues in Contemporary Political Philosophy
POL2093 Politics, Participation and Citizenship in the Digital Age
POL2096 Politics Work Placement
POL2109 Global Development: Introduction to International Political Economy
POL2110 Security Studies
POL2111 Democracy or Dictatorship? What are the differences and how do we analyse them
POL2112 History of Islamic and Arab Political Thought
POL2113 Sex, Gender and Power
POL3043 GEUS Year Abroad
POL3046 Dissertation in Politics
POL3047 Project in Politics: Semester 1
POL3048 Project in Politics: Semester 2
POL3059 Democracy and the Constitution
POL3071 Student Exchange : Semester 1
POL3076 Student Exchange (Dissertation students)
POL3079 The Government and Politics of Italy
POL3081 International Political Thought
POL3084 Student Exchange Semester 2 (Dissertation/research project)
POL3085 Student Exchange: Semester 2
POL3092 Political Parties and Elections in the UK
POL3100 History of World Political Thought
POL3103 Community-based Research in Politics
POL3104 The Fall and Rise of China
POL3106 Democracy in Deeply Divided Societies
POL3107 Documentary Film and World Politics
POL3108 The Politics of the Far Right in Europe
POL3109 Gender, Campaigns and Media
POL3110 International Organisation and Diplomacy
POL3111 UK Parliamentary Studies
POL3112 Can Democracy Be Saved?
POL3114 Animal and Environmental Ethics
POL3116 The Ethics of War
POL3117 Politics of Immigration
POL3118 Environmental Governance and Policy
POL8003 Integration in Europe
POL8005 Theories and Theorists of International Political Economy
POL8006 Theories of International Relations
POL8018 The State in the International Political Economy
POL8020 American Foreign Policy
POL8029 The Politics of Global Change
POL8038 Doing Political Research
POL8039 Global Justice and Human Rights
POL8040 War, Terrorism and Peace: Ethical Perspectives
POL8041 Thinking About Politics
POL8043 Globalisation, Poverty and Development
POL8044 Critical Geopolitics
POL8048 World Politics and Popular Culture
POL8051 Ethics in IR
POL8057 Modern East Asian Political Thought
POL8058 Sex, Race and Biopolitics
POL8059 The United Nations and Global Governance
POL8098 Dissertation
POL8099 Dissertation
SOC1027 Comparing Cultures
SOC1029 Doing Sociology
SOC1030 The Sociological Imagination: An Introduction to the Discipline
SOC1031 Knowing in Sociology: An Introduction to Theory, Methods and Epistemology
SOC1032 Politics and Society
SOC1033 Understanding Everyday Life
SOC2056 Sociology of Health and Illness
SOC2058 Understanding Social Change and Transformation
SOC2069 Researching Social Life I
SOC2070 Researching Social Life II
SOC2071 The Sociology of Childhood
SOC2084 Social Invention of Central Europe
SOC2085 Refugees and Displacement: Borders, Camps, and Asylum
SOC2086 Post-disciplinary Criminology: Hermeneutics, Poststructuralism and Cultural Theory
SOC2087 Identity and Difference in Multicultural Britain
SOC3045 Regulating Sexuality
SOC3077 Making People: Anthropology of Belonging, Life and Death
SOC3078 Dreamworlds: Society and the utopian imagination
SOC3085 Student Exchange
SOC3089 Memory, identity and nation-building in eastern Europe: The view from anthropology
SOC3096 Educational Inequalities in a Global Age
SOC3097 Dissertation
SOC3098 Community and Conflict in the Countryside
SOC8034 Social Divisions and Inequality
SOC8044 Being, Belonging and Identity
SOC8045 Sociology for the Anthropocene
SOC8049 The Representation of Culture: Debates About Ethnography in Anthropology
SOC8051 The Sociology of Technology: Materialities and Agency
SOC8052 Theories of Society, Power and Politics
SOC8096 Dissertation

Disclaimer: The information contained within the Module Catalogue relates to the 2018/19 academic year. In accordance with University Terms and Conditions, the University makes all reasonable efforts to deliver the modules as described. Modules may be amended on an annual basis to take account of changing staff expertise, developments in the discipline, the requirements of external bodies and partners, and student feedback. Module information for the 2018/19 entry will be published here in early-April 2018. Queries about information in the Module Catalogue should in the first instance be addressed to your School Office.