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A selection of particularly useful web sites dealing with coral reef ecosystems are listed below. They are in no particular order and have been chosen for the wealth of useful links and information they contain. We are indebted to the managers of these sites for allowing us use of logos and image snips. We have no doubt missed some key sites and would welcome suggestions for additions.

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Reef Guardian International

Protecting coral reefs and their marine life


International Coral Reef Initiative

To focus on the plight of reefs and the actions necessary
to reverse the trends toward their degradation.


Coral Reef Alliance

Includes Coral Reef NGO directory


NOAA Coral Reef Conservation Program

Useful links page


Coral Health and Monitoring Program

NOAA program
To help improve and sustain coral reef health throughout the world


ReefBase Project

A global database on coral reefs and their resources
Run by WorldFish Center


Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority
Science for the ecologically sustainable development of the GBR World Heritage Area


Global Coral Reef Monitoring Network

Hosted by AIMS and WorldFish Center among others



Australian Institute of Marine Science

Research projects, links, CoralBase and much more


Reef Check

Can you help out? ...
... and join in the annual reef surveys?


Jurassic Reef Park

Research on Jurassic and other reefs. German and English.
Good links page and a "palaeo" perspective



"Bringing the reef to life"
Non-profit making program for divers and snorkellers run by The Reef-World Foundation


Reef Relief Founders

Protecting and preserving coral reef ecosystems
Strong Florida Keys focus


ARC Centre of Excellence for Coral Reef Studies

HQ at James Cook University, Australia
Innovative science for sustainable use of coral reefs


Operation Wallacea

Scientific conservation expeditions ...
... many on coral reefs


Seychelles Marine Conservation Expedition

Expedition reports on Seychelles reef fish
and invertebrate communities - Simon Pittman


World Atlas of Coral Reefs

World Conservation Monitoring Centre
Maps of reef distribution, etc.


CARMABI Foundation

Curaçao, Netherlands Antilles
Marine biological research station


Coral Reefs

Journal of the International Society for Reef Studies
Springer journals site



International Coral reef Action Network
Coral reef action: sustaining communities worldwide


Coral Cay Conservation

Award winning organisation, formed in 1986
Runs marine and terrestrial expeditions to Fiji, Honduras, Philippines, Malaysia ...



Free coral reef video clips for educational use
Can browse clips by topic, species or location

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