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A selection of useful web sites dealing with mangrove ecosystems and other tropical wetlands are listed below. They are in no particular order. We are indebted to the managers of several sites for allowing us use of logos and image snips. If you know of other key electronic resources dealing with mangroves we would welcome suggestions for additions.

Click on the appropriate logos/images to link to the sites below


Western Australian Mangrove Page

Murdoch University, Western Australia
Includes link to mangrove research discussion list

Mangrove Replenishment Initiative

Provide technology, foster education, and encourage proactive mangrove replenishment

International Society for Mangrove Ecosystems

International databank on mangroves
Promoting conservation, rational management, and sustainable utilisation

Global Mangrove Database

& Information System

Searchable database of scientific literature relating to mangroves  

Mangrove Action Project

Dedicated to reversing the degradation and loss of mangroves worldwide

Wetlands International

Wetland conservation and sustainable management

Wetlands International

Indonesia programme

Coral Reefs and Mangroves:
Modelling and Management

Ramsar Convention on Wetlands

Ramsar Convention Secretariat
Everything you wanted to know about Ramsar

Florida Mangrove Forest
The Florida Aquarium
Guide for the lay audience

Lewis Environmental Services

Expert Consultation in Tropical Wetland Restoration
Some material on mangrove restoration

Paul's Mangrove Website Marek photo
Designer: Paul Marek
Nice website on mangroves in German and English

World Atlas of Mangroves

UNEP World Conservation Monitoring Centre
Maps of mangrove distribution.

Mangrove & Saltmarsh
An excursion to Towra Point in Botany Bay
An educational site

Kandelia diagram

Hong Kong Mangroves

Field trip to Ting Kok: Investigation of a mangrove community
A sixth form biology project

Physical and biological links
in mangroves, seagrass and coral reefs
New book on these links on the Great Barrier Reef

East African Mangroves logo

East African Mangroves

The trees, the fauna, restoration, traditional uses ...
"A deeper view into a wonderful and endangered habitat"

Mangrove Environmental Protection Group
San Blas, Nayarit, Mexico
Aims to protect the mangroves around San Blas from megatourism and shrimp farming

Kenyan Mangroves logo

Kenyan Mangroves

A field guide to Kenyan mangroves
Great site for mangrove crab information and links to literature

The Sea, the Storm, and the Mangrove Tangle
Author: Lynne Cherry
"A beautiful, lush tribute to mangroves, will spark children's interest in a magnificent, endangered ecosystem"

Mandate logo

Mangroves of India

Site maintained by National Institute of Oceanography, Goa
Useful resource on mangroves of India

Reef Ball Mangrove Solutions
A Division of the Reef Ball Foundation
Mission is to rehabilitate damaged mangrove ecosystems

Mandate logo

Le Mangrovie

Mangrove site in Italian
Useful resource on mangroves

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