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Several useful web sites dealing with seagrass ecosystems are listed below. They provide links into literature resources, locations of key researchers, taxonomic information on seagrasses, attempts at transplantation, and other links. We are indebted to the managers of these sites for allowing us use of logos and image snips. If you know of other key seagrass electronic resources we would welcome suggestions for additions.

Click on the appropriate logos/images to link to the sites below

Western Australian Seagrass
Web Site Home Page
Links to Seagrass Forum research discussion list and elsewhere

[WSA logo]

World Seagrass Association

Global Network of scientists and coastal managers
committed to the science, protection and management of seagrasses

Seagrass Ecosystems Research Laboratory [SERL logo]
Florida International University research group
Research reports, key to Florida species, links, and more

[FKNMS seagrass logo]

FKNMS Seagrass Information

NOAA seagrass info for Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary
Good educational site for seagrass

SEAGRASSES dot ORG [ logo]
European Seagrass Site
Monitoring and managing European seagrass ecosystems

[Seagrass LI logo]

Long Island Seagrass Conservation

Cornell University and Suffolk County
Good educational site for seagrass and restoration

SeagrassNet [Seagrasses.Net logo]
Global Seagrass Monitoring Network
Seeks to document both the status and threats seagrasses worldwide

Seagrass Home Page

University of Hawaii
Still building, but a lot of information available

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