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Staff involved:

Mr Jon Barnes
Prof Barbara Brown
Dr John Bythell
Dr Alasdair Edwards
Prof Nicholas Polunin
Dr Selina Stead
Dr Jeremy Thomason
Prof Rob Upstill-Goddard

Pre- and post-hurricane images of the shallow backreef on the south side of Buck Island showing the creation of a new rubble berm during Hurricane Hugo (1989). Other areas showed less drastic impacts.


Newcastle publications in tropical marine science and coastal management 1996-2004

Marine Research in the Tropics

Current research themes

Staff from Newcastle have been active in research on tropical marine ecosystems for over 25 years. From relatively modest beginnings this research has broadened out over the years to encompass a wide cross-section of staff working at a range of scales, from the molecular to the ocean basin. We have grouped current research by various teams under a series of themes.

Global climate change and coral bleaching

Responses of coral reefs to natural and anthropogenic disturbance

Reef fisheries and Marine Protected Areas

Herbivory and coral/algal dynamics

Spatial marine ecology and remote sensing

Molecular ecology, evolution and systematics

  • Comparative pathology of coral diseases
  • Systematics and biogeography of West African shore fishes
  • Systematics and phylogeny of pseudoplesiopine dottyback fishes (Pseudochromidae)

    Recent Publications

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