School of Architecture, Planning & Landscape

Staff Profile

Maggie Roe

Senior Lecturer in Landscape Architecture



My main research interests lie in the field of large scale landscape planning and design, cultural landscapes, landscape ecology, sustainable landscapes, coastal landscape planning and human perception of, experience and relationship with the landscape. These interests are reflected in my publications and in work concerned with the implementation of the European Landscape Convention (ELC), with Green Infrastructure (GI) planning, and international work.
I was Managing Editor of the peer reviewed journal 'Landscape Research' for the last five years during which time I helped focus attention onto cultural landscape issues.  I am now Consulting Editor.

Roles and Responsibilities

Convenor of the Landscape Research Group
Consulting Editor Landscape Research journal
Degree Programme Director for MSc in Planning for Sustainability & Climate Change; MA in Planning & Environmental Research (MAPER)
Postgraduate Research Committee member

Development of research-based postgraduate opportunities in landscape and environmental issues

APL Public Lecture Committee 


BA(Hons) DipLA MDesS MLI
1996 Certificate in Teaching & Learning, Newcastle University
1993 Member of the Landscape Institute (MLI)
1992-1993 Master in Design Studies (M.Des.S.), specialising in Landscape Planning and Ecology, Graduate School of Design, Harvard University, USA
1989-1990 Postgraduate Diploma in Landscape Architecture (DipLA) (Distinction)Leeds Metropolitan University
1985-1990 BA(Hons) Landscape Architecture (First Class) Leeds Metropolitan University

Current Appointment:

Senior Lecturer
School of Architecture, Planning & Landscape, Newcastle University

Previous appointments:

July 2001-July 2004: Landscape Architecture Programmes Director
Sept 1996- June 2003: Lecturer in Landscape Architecture, School of Architecture, Planning & Landscape, University of Newcastle upon Tyne, UK
Jan 1994- 1996: Lecturer in Landscape Architecture, (Half-time), Department of Town & Country Planning, University of Newcastle upon Tyne, UK
June 1993-1996: Freelance Environmental Consultant, Associate Consultant with The Environment Practice, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK
Nov 1990-Aug 1992: Landscape Architect with Woolerton Truscott, Landscape Architects and Environmental Consultants, Durham, UK
July-Nov 1990: Landscape Architect with David Bellamy Environmental Consultants, Durham, UK
Sept 1988-June 1989: Assistant Landscape Architect with Landscape Design Associates, Landscape Architects, Peterborough, UK


Member of Sub-panel 16 Architecture, Built Environment and Planning in the 2014 Research Excellence Framework (REF)

Member of Natural England Science Advisory Committee (NESAC)

Member of International Federation of Parks and Recreation Administration (IFPRA) Science Committee 

Member of the Landscape Institute (MLI) (and North East Branch of the Landscape Institute)

Board Member of the Landscape Research Group (LRG)

Member of the International Association for Landscape Ecology (IALE)

Member of the Expert Panel of the Scientific Advisory Committee for the review of  the Landscape Evidence & Knowledge Base for Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH)

Member of the ESRC Peer Review College

Member of the database of independent experts for European Research and Innovation (European Commission)

Member of marineNewcastle - Marine Network, Newcastle University

Landscape Institute Archive Friends Group

Honours and Awards

Landscape Institute Award (Research Category) November 2001 for Research on Landscape and Community.
Kennedy Memorial Trust Scholarship to study at Graduate School of Design, Harvard University 1992-3
Landscape Institute Travel Award 1989 to study Reafforestation Projects in Colombia and Ecuador.

Personal and Professional Statement

In my personal and working life the key principles I try to work with are:

  • Promoting academic learning, knowledge and responsibility
  • Promoting environmental sustainability, particularly in relation to the landscape
  • Providing equal opportunities in all spheres of life
  • Enabling wherever possible international co-operation, education and learning

Academic Statement:

I joined Newcastle University in 1994 following work in practice within the region and a year carrying out research at the Graduate School of Design, Harvard University.  I have experience on a wide range of multi-disciplinary research and consultancy landscape projects which involve building consensus between the public, voluntary and statutory organisations.  My main research interests lie in the field of large scale landscape planning and design; landscape ecology; sustainable landscapes; coastal landscape planning, human perception of, experience and relationship with the landscape, participatory landscape planning, cultural landscapes and landscape change.

I have developed successful research collaborations within the School, within other Departments and with a number of external organisations.  Through my research I have been asked to participate in a number of European initiatives and research bids including funding from the Council of Europe, the EU and UNESCO.  I have submitted numerous research proposals to funding bodies over the last few years including to: Leverhulme Trust, DETR, ESRC, AHRC, NERC, MRC, EU, Countryside Agency, Construction Research and Innovation Strategy Panel (CRISP) and MAFF.  I have worked with international, national and local organisations on projects including Defra, Natural England, Environment Agency, English Nature, SNH, One-NE, North East Community Forests, Durham Heritage Coast Partnership, Uniscape, British Council/DfID and many others locally, nationally and internationally.  I am presently working on an AHRC funded project ‘Hydrocitizenship’ under the connected communities programme.  Recent projects include the use of a Bayesian Belief Network (BBN) to explore ’Interdisciplinary methods to build a socio-ecological decision-making tool to inform marine governance’ funded by NERC under the Valuing Nature Network initiative, policy assessment  in England and the UK relating to the implementation of the European Landscape Convention (ELC), green infrastructure planning and an examination of landscape change related to policy options for Natural England. I have also worked in developing countries on sustainability issues such as the assessment of the landscape impacts of the shrimp industry in Bangladesh.  I have spoken, lectured and taught in China, India and a number of countries in Europe.  My main teaching responsibilities at Newcastle are with postgraduate (Masters and Doctoral) students on sustainable landscape planning and climate change and planning. 

I am a Director of the Landscape Research Group Ltd (LRG) and as Managing Editor of the international peer reviewed journal Landscape Research (2009-14) I helped to focus attention within the journal onto cultural landscape issues.   I have spoken at a number of conferences and symposiums, including the Council of Europe in relation to the ELC, academic and professional conferences and symposia.  I have published widely on cultural landscape issues and landscape sustainability.  A second edition of the book Landscape & Sustainability, which I co-edited was published by Routledge in 2007.  My new book, New Cultural Landscapes (2014) explores issues of heritage, conservation, human-nature relationships in the landscape and the creation of meaning in future landscapes.  In addition to professional reports, my publications range from international academic peer-review papers, to ‘think’ pieces in professional journals in the UK and abroad.   I have spoken in various countries on how to publish peer review papers in international journals.

I have acted as internal and external examiner at all levels of University education (undergraduate, postgraduate, PhD) both in the UK and abroad.  I have supervised a number of successful PhD candidates and numerous students who are now in Landscape and Planning professional practice.  I have also supervised post-doctoral visitors and academics who come to Newcastle to carry out research with me. 

Selected Esteem Indicators/National and International Recognition:

  • Member of Sub-panel 16 Architecture, Built Environment and Planning in the 2014 Research Excellence Framework (REF)
  • Member of Natural England Science Advisory Committee (NESAC)
  • Member of British Council Researcher Links Social Sciences panel 2014
  • Invited member of Research Grants Council Review Panel, Hong Kong, China 2014
  • Reviewer for Social Sciences Israel Science Foundation, research proposal 2014
  • Member of Economic & Social Research Council (ESRC) Peer Review College  (2010-2012; extended until 2014)
  • Managing Editor Landscape Research 2009-13; Consulting Editor 2014-; Deputy Editor 2003-2008
  • Invited contributor to PhD workshops in Lesvos, Greece for Civilscape and Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences 2013.
  • Member of the Expert Panel of the Scientific Advisory Committee for the review of  the Landscape Evidence & Knowledge Base for Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH) 2013
  • Invited member of assessment panel for  European Research and Innovation (European Commission) 2012 (specifically in relation to FP7 Green Infrastructure proposals)
  • Invited to deliver summary speech at Council of Europe Workshop on the European Landscape Convention, Thessaloniki, Greece 2012
  • Invited to participate in an AHRC Communities, Cultures, Environments and Sustainability Workshop ‘sandpit’ event, Bristol May, 2012.
  • Invited assessor UK Landscape Award (NE Region), September 2010
  • Invited to deliver PhD Workshop, ELC Anniversary Conference, Civilscape, Florence 2010.
  • Invited keynote speaker at European Capital of Culture event, Murcia, Spain, 2016.
  • Invited Discussant and member of organising committee Foundation for Environmental Conservation (FEC) 6th International Conference on Environmental Future Environmental Conservation July 2011 on interdisciplinary progress in environmental science and management
  • PhD Workshop (SAPL) presentation: The ‘Gift of Fantasy’:Methods reporting and clarity of thinking in journal publishing, November 2009.
  • Referee for book publishing proposals for Thomson Professional (E & FN Spon);Architectural Press; Elsevier Science.  Invited Comments on Consultation Draft: Protected Landscapes Draft Policy for Consultation Natural England (Sept  2009)
  • Chair Landscape Character Network 2010 Workshop: Landscape and partnership working, Newcastle.
  • Peer review for numerous research papers in a variety of peer-review journals e.g. review of: TPR Review November 2009 ‘Landscape Planning - preservation, consideration and sustainable development’, Centenary paper; Journal of Urban History 2012; Journal of King Saud University 2008.
  • Peer Review for UK Government FORESIGHT Land Use Future Papers (2009) on Societal attitudes and perceptions about land use.
  • Invited Advisory Board Beijing University Research Journal
  • Keynote Speaker, IFPRA Annual Conference, Finland 2009
  • Participant, Regional Landscape Forum, Natural England Regional initiatives and Gateshead GI initiative.
  • Chair Session in LRG Seminar on Driving Forces in Lund & CoE Conference on ELC progress, Alnarp.
  • Invited Speaker 2008 Tuscan Authorities, Florence Biennale ‘Foundations for a Landscape Education’
  • Keynote Speaker All Landscape Matter, European Landscape Convention and its role in Planning, Policy and Strategy, Natural England Seminar & Workshop, Segedunum, Tyne & Wear.
  • Chair of Invited Expert Seminar on the Implementation of the European Landscape Convention, Sheffield 2008. 
  • Invited expert May 2008 Nottingham ESF-COST Workshop, New Approaches to Landscape 2008
  • HEFCE Panel Inspector Sheffield University Department of Landscape 2008
  • Statement to Council of Europe, Implementation of the ELC for LRG, Strasbourg 2007
  • Invitation to act on Advisory Editorial Panel, Landscape Architecture China, 2007.
  • Visiting Professor, School of Landscape Architecture Beijing University Spring 2005
  • Keynote Speaker: Durham Heritage Coast Forum, 2005;
  • Keynote Speaker Tyne & Wear Green Infrastructure Symposium, 2007.
  • Editor Landscape Research 2009-present; Deputy Editor  2003-2008
  • Board Member of Landscape Research Group 2004-present
  • Won Landscape Institute Award (Research Category) 2001 for Research on Landscape  & Community.
  • Member of Landscape Institute Research Committee 2002-2007



Research Summary Statement

Thoughout my career I have been involved in integrated interdisciplinary research primarily focused on landscape planning issues.   My main research interests lie in the field of large scale landscape planning and design; landscape ecology; sustainable and cultural landscapes; coastal landscape planning, human perception of, experience and relationship with the landscape with a specific focus on community participation and the landscape.  I am always interested to hear from potential PhD students and other possible collaborators in these areas. 

Other Expertise

Consulting Editor of Landscape Research journal; Managing Editor 2009-13; Deputy Editor 2003-09

Current Work

  • New cultural landscapes: planning and design
  • Implementation of the European Landscape Convention
  • Hydrocitizenship: relationships with water and landscape
  • Coastal and marine landscape planning and management
  • Food and landscape 

Research Roles

Convenor of the Landscape Research Group; Supervision of PhD and MPhil students; Postgraduate Research (PGR) Committee Member.

Postgraduate Supervision

My research activities feed into my teaching at many different levels. At present this is concentrated on PhD supervision and the development of postgraduate opportunities particularly with regard to research training and professionally accredited Masters programmes. International links through Editorship of Landscape Research, the various research and teaching projects I carry out provide the impetus for new contacts and links in other countries, visitors to Newcastle and collaborative working.  I have been involved in a number of PhD workshops in various countries, focusing on publishing in peer review journals and implementation of the European Landscape Convention. 

PhD Research Supervision

  • Keiji Makino (Japan) An Ecology of Land Use, Commenced 2013
  • Goran Erfani (Iran) People, Participation and Sense of Place, Commenced 2012
  • Maimuna SALEH BALA (Nigeria) Evolving Sustainable Landscape Models for Oil and Gas Exploration Regions in Nigeria, Commenced April 2011
  • Amira Amira Ezzat Abd Elshafi HASANEIN, (Egypt) Microclimate perception as a Guide to Outdoor Space Design,  Commenced January 2011.
  • Joseph MACARTHY (Sierra Leone) Integrating Climate Change considerations in planning for urban development: The case of Freetown, Sierra Leone (completed, passed 2012)
  • Tamer AHMED (Egypt) Urban Landscape Infrastructure and Liveable Communities – A Case Study of New-Cairo, Egypt, (completed, passed 2011)
  • Jin AN Landscape Evaluation Using Virtual Environments (completed, passed 2012)
  • Ian MELL (UK) Green Infrastructure: Concepts, Perceptions and its use in Spatial Planning, (completed, passed 2010)
  • Hannah MACPHERSON (UK) Landscapes of blindness and visual impairment: sight, touch and laughter in the English countryside. Commenced 2003, completed 2007. Also MAPER (ESRC funded) full-time.
  • Osman TAHIR (Malaysia) Sustainable Landscape Management for Urban Landscapes in Malaysia.  PhD, submitted Oct 2005. Completed 2006.

Other Supervision

  • Brett GRIMM (Austrialia) Visual Assessment Methodologies for Wind Farms.  PhD, full-time visiting scholar (July 2005-Jan 2006). (Supervisor: Maggie Roe).
  • Slavica MOROVIC (Slovenia). Reuse of traditional elements in architecture and urban planning in the development of sustainable architecture in the Yugoslav region of Vojvodina.  MPhil full-time.  (Supervisors: Maggie Roe and Graham Farmer).  Completed 2002.
  • Dr Albert LLAUSAS PASCUAL (Spain) Green infrastructure planning: its potential for application in Catalonia. Postdoc visitor: September to December 2009.
  • Dr Yum-geum KIM (Korea) Postdoc visitor: Community Participation in Landscape Design. October 2005-Sept 2006
  • Dr Abdulaziz Mohammed ALAWAYED (Saudi Arabia), Water in the Islamic Garden KFU BAE SYSTEMS Post-doctoral Summer Research Programme - 2007

PhD Examining

  • Gamal M. G.T. MOHAMMED Developing an Anotomical Approach to Urban Spatial Morphology: Integrating ideological and physical dimensions of urban form in the Middle East, Sheffield University. August 2012. (PhD External Examiner)
  • Lene LOTTRUP Workplace Greenery: Use, preferences, and health benefits of green outdoor environments at workplaces, Dept. of Forest & Landscape, University of Copenhagen. May 2012 (PhD External Examiner)
  • Sam Shor Nahar YAAKOB Identification of Physical Impact Indicators for the Tropical Mountain Trail: The case of Gunung Tahan Trail, Taman Negara National Park, Malaysia. March 2011 (PhD Internal Examiner)
  • Helena NORDH, Helena, Components of small urban parks that predict the possibility for restoration, Department of Landscape Architecture and Spatial Planning, Norwegian University of Life Sciences, Aas, Norway. Viva Sept 2010 (DPhil public defence of the thesis external examiner),
  • Mohd Yazid Mohd YUNOS, Public Participation iin the urban landscape and part development process in Kuala Lumpur, Planning for Real in Datuk Keramat Lake Garden, June 2010.  (PhD Internal Examiner)
  • Katherine BEANEY, ‘The impact of green and open spaces on city centre residents’. Sheffield University, January 2010 (PhD External Examiner)
  • Rachel CURZON, ‘Process and characteristics of land use decision making- change conflict, compromise and stakeholders in the restoration of former mineral sites in the UK’. Birmingham University, November 2009 (Staff PhD External Examiner)
  • Ameera AL-HASSAN, Environmental Architecture Education; A comparative study between the curricula of Kuwait University and Newcastle University with reflection on policy making and end users, January 2009 (PhD Internal Examiner)
  • Samar NAZAR, ‘Hortus Conclusus’: Change, perception and meaning in Artas Valley/Palestine, Norwegian University of Life Sciences; Department of Economics & Resource Management, Aas, Norway. 2008 (DPhil External Examiner)
  • Kyraleigh HAMILTON, Bioregionalism in a UK Context: the interrelationship between people, place and non-human nature, University of Gloucester, January 2007 (PhD External Examiner)
  • Carl SMITH, Green Homes: A study of their residential landscape sustainability, Sheffield University, October 2005 (PhD External Examiner)
  • Keren JONES, Children’s Participation in Landscape Design, University of Central England (UCE) December 2004 (PhD External Examiner)
  • Anna JORGENSEN, Living in the urban wild woods – a case study of the ecological woodland approach to landscape planning and design at Birchwood Warrington New Town, Sheffield University, December 2003 (Staff PhD External Examiner).
  • Ming Chia LAI, Community involvement in the restoration of historic urban park, Sheffield University July 2002 (PhD External Examiner)

MPhil Examining

  • Kevin CAMPION, On Common Ground: Modern conservation Strategies for 18th Century Estates in Scotland, England and the United States, Edinburgh College of Art, May 2007 (MPhil External Examiner)
  • Richard ROBERTS, Development and Land Relations in Tribal India: A case study of Chotanagpur, January 2003 (MPhil Internal Examiner)
  • David FEIGE, The Development of Protected Area Policy for Nature Conservation since the 1981 Wildlife and Countryside Act, August 1999 (MPhil Internal Examiner)

Other Examining

  • External Examiner Postgraduate Landscape Courses, Birmingham University 2001-2005
  • External Examiner Landscape Planning & Management Undergraduate Programmes Manchester University 2004-7
  • External Examiner BA (Hons) Undergraduate Landscape Architecture course, Leeds Metropolitan University 1999-2003

Selected Research Grants & Funding

Research Title: Towards Hydrocitizenship: Connecting communities with and through responses to interdependent, multiple water issues

Funding Body: AHRC

Date: 2014-2017

Researchers: Owain Jones (University of Gloucestershire (CCRI)); Lindsey McEwen and Michael Buser (University of the West of England, Bristol);  Stephen Bottoms (University of Manchester); Andrew Church (University of Brighton); Peter Coates (University of Bristol); Graeme Evans (University of Middlesex); Sara Penrhyn Jones (University of Aberystwyth); Alex Plows (University of Bangor); Maggie Roe (University of Newcastle). 

Total Project Value: £1.4m


Research Title: Hydrocitizenship development project

Funding Body: AHRC

Date: 2013

Researchers: M.H.Roe (Newcastle), O.Jones (Gloucester), A. McCapra (LI), P. Coates (Bristol), S. Penryn Jones (Aberystwyth), A. Church (Brighton), A. Plows (Bangor). G. Evans (Brunel), M. Buser (UWE), S. Bottoms (Manchester)

Research Title:  ‘Valuing Nature Network’ project examining ‘Interdisciplinary methods to build a socio-ecological decision-making tool in Marine Governance and Policy’.  The Valuing Nature Network is an Interdisciplinary Network for Valuing Biodiversity, Ecosystem Services and Natural Resource Use. 
Funding Body: Natural Environment Research Council and a project of the Living With Environmental Change partnership.
Date: 2012
Researchers: Chilton, S., Stead, S., Metcalf, H., Rushton, S., Roe, M. H. et al.

Research Title:  ESRC/CASE Seminar (ESRC funded) Green Infrastructure Planning RES-623-26-0005 ESRC Knowledge Transfer Seminar: Green Infrastructure Planning: Translating knowledge into planning practice and policy
Date: Thursday 25th June 2009
Researchers:  Newcastle University (Maggie Roe – Primary Investigator/Applicant)
Total Project Value: £1,601.00

Research Title: Green infrastructure, environmental perception and spatial behaviour RES/0360/7243 Ref: PTA-033-2005-00001
Funding Body:  ESRC/CASE Studentship; 
Researchers:  Student Name:  Ian C. Mell; Collaborating Organisation:  North East Community Forests (NECF)
Date:  2005-9
Total Project Value: £6,000 from ESRC (over three years)
Research Title: ECOPLAN (Ecology, Planning and Landscape Applications Network)
Funding Body:  ESRC - Seminar group
Researcher(s): P. Selman - Leader (GLOSCAT); Co-Investigators:  Roe (Newcastle University); Dover (Myerscough College, Lancs), Kirby (English Nature, Peterborough), Dennis (Macaulay Land Use Research Institute, Aberdeen), Macfarlane, (University of Northumbria) Kidd (Liverpool University), Hughes (Scottish Natural Heritage).
Date:   1998-2001
Total Project Value: £11,944 


Title: Editorship of Landscape Research Journal
Funding Body:  Landscape Research Group (LRG) LRG KH070938.
Researchers:  Maggie Roe (Editor from 2009) Deputy Editor (from 2004).

Research Title: Marine spatial planning – Reflecting on new agendas for planning
Funding Body:  Newcastle University PVC R&I Strategic Fund 2010-2011
Date: March 2011-Jan 2012
Researchers: Maggie Roe and Paola Gazzola, SAPL, Newcastle University

Research Title: The Development of an approach to facilitate judgement on landscape change options.
Funding Body: Natural England 
Date: Jan-March 2010
Researchers: Newcastle University (M. H. Roe – Primary Investigator); Sheffield University Professor Paul Selman and Professor Carys Swanwick – co-investigators) 

Research Title: Establishment of a baseline for, and monitoring of the impact of, the European Landscape Convention in the UK
Funding Body:  Defra (and a Steering Committee) Research Contract: CR 0401
Date:   September 2008 - June 2008
Researchers: Newcastle University (M. H. Roe – Primary Investigator; I. C. Mell – Research Assistant); Manchester University (C. Jones); Sheffield University (P. Selman & C. Swanwick)

Research title: ECLAS 'Le:Notre' Thematic Network Project
Funding Body: European Union Erasmus-Socrates Programme
Date: Commencing April 2003 – extended to 2009
Researcher(s): Maggie Roe (est. 10 days/year) with representatives from 100+ Universities from 30 countries across Europe.  Leader: Professor Richard Stiles, Technische Universitat Wien, Austria. 
 Second Stage Le Notre II project now in operation

Research Title: Research to Support the Implementation of the European Landscape Convention in England
Funding Body: Natural England
Date: November 2007 -April 2008-07-30
Researchers: Newcastle University (M. H. Roe – Primary Investigator; I. C. Mell); Manchester University (C. Jones)

Research Title: Green Infrastructure in the City Regions RES/0360/7246
Funding Body:  Countryside Agency and others
Date: August 2005-March 2006
Researchers: Maggie Roe with R. Macfarlane, CESA, Northumbria University & Clive Davies, North    East Community Forests (NECF)

Research Title:  Open Space and Recreational Needs Assessment
Funding Body:  Durham City Council
Date:   January 2007-July 2007
Researchers: North East community Forests Ltd and Associates (Maggie Roe, Sue Jackson/BlueSpace Environments and others)

Research Title:  Regional Community Forest Development Mapping Project
Funding Body:  Community Forest consortium
Date:     February-April 2004
Researchers:  Maggie Roe with R. Macfarlane, Centre for Environmental and Spatial Analysis,
   University of Northumbria.

Research Title: Sustainable land use planning and environmental management for salinity affected coastal regions of Bangladesh: a study on Rupsha Thana, Khulna District
Funding Body: DFID/The British Council
Date: 1 April, 2003-31 March, 2006
Researcher(s):  Maggie Roe (UK Co-ordinator); Graham Tipple (APL); Suzanne Speak (APL);
Martin le Tissier (CRC); John Gower (AES) with Dr. Mahmudul Hasan (Bangladesh Co-ordinator, Associate Professor, Urban and Rural Planning Discipline) and other researchers from Khulna University, Khulna, Bangladesh

Research Title: Children & the Landscape: an examination of the effectiveness of children's     participation in landscape policy and practice
Funding Body: FLESS Innovation Grant
Date:   2002-3
Researchers: Maggie Roe and Karen Scott in collaboration
with Professor Paul Younger & Aiden Doyle (HERO)
Total Project Value: £2,200

Research Title: Greening for Growth Access for All Strategy for South East Northumberland
Funding Body: Countryside Agency
Date: 2002-3
Researcher(s): M. H. Roe  with the Centre for Environmental & Spatial Analysis, Northumbria University

Research Title: Interdisciplinary study: Park planning for children’s play and ecological education - Comparative project Newcastle and Japan
Funding Body:  Japanese government scholarship
Date:  Commenced 2002
Researchers:  Maggie Roe and Keitaro Ito (Japan) 

Other projects include:

Northumberland Coast Recreation Strategy, 1996/7
State of the District Report, Sedgefield District Council County Durham 1996/7
River Tweed Estaury Management Plan 1996/7 














I am always interested in hearing from possible students who would like to pursue research in my own areas of work. My research activities feed into my teaching at many different levels. In the past this has been through teaching on the professionally accredited MLA. At present this is concentrated on PhD and the development of postgraduate opportunities particularly with regard to research-based Masters programmes.

In addition to Landscape Planning project and studio modules,  I lead a number of postgraduate modules including  'Issues in Landscape Planning & Sustainability' and ‘Planning Practice & Climate Change’ which are available to postgraduate students.  I also act as dissertation tutor for both undergraduate and postgraduate programmes.  This means that students are able to follow-up landscape and environmental themes through their dissertation work.

I am Director of the MA in Planning and Environment Research (MAPER) and the MSc in Planning for Sustainability and Climate Change programmes.   MAPER provides an excellent basis for continuing to a PhD and is ESRC recognised as a I+3 training programme.  I am particularly keen to promote cross-disciplinary and interdisciplinary activities through my teaching.  I have contributed to a number of PhD workshops at home in the UK and abroad that help students to develop their research and in particular to focus on the skills needed for international peer reviewed publications.