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Centre for Landscape

Centre for Landscape

As a centre of research excellence, we advance understandings of complex interactions between people and landscapes.

Landscape is a transdisciplinary field of research

We look at human and natural factors as a whole, rather than as separate systems.

Landscape studies bring together researchers across disciplines, from arts and humanities to medicine, social science, engineering and natural sciences.

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Our strategy

  • to develop critical mass and build lasting international partnerships: to enable globally excellent and relevant research outcomes
  • collaborate to develop policy and practice: which affects the current and future challenges facing landscapes
  • create transdisciplinary, trans-sectoral teams: to address complex problems, advance knowledge and engage with landscape issues and their communities
  • recruit and train the best new researchers: enabling them to develop innovative theories, methods and solutions to global landscape challenges

Our mission

  • to push boundaries in thinking about integrative and holistic concepts of landscape
  • to address global challenges through landscape studies
  • to foster development of transdisciplinary teams and future research leaders
  • to enable international excellence through collaboration and cooperation