We carry out fundamental computing science research which we evaluate and extend through application to industrial and interdisciplinary challenges. Our work constantly evolves to address the new challenges posed by a fast-changing environment: one in which computer systems become ever more complex, critical and interconnected, as well as often being directly related to the public at large.


Over the last 50 years, our research has had a significant impact on both the wider field of academic research and on the computer industry. For example the Impact Project of the ACM Special Interest Group in Software Engineering (SIGSOFT) noted that:

"Without researchers laying the foundations in Computer Science departments at Brown, CMU, Cambridge, Newcastle, MIT, Vrije, University of Washington and without industrial researchers consolidating basic research results, we would not have the 8.5 billion dollar middleware market in the same form as we have it today"


We are one of the leading centres for research in computing science in the UK and our internationally-renowned expertise feeds directly into our degrees. We strongly believe that our research has a significant impact on teaching, which is why all academic staff in the School are involved in the delivery of postgraduate and undergraduate courses.

Postgraduate research

Our postgraduate researchers have numerous opportunities in which to participate in world-class research, produce acclaimed publications and work with known experts in the field. Many student projects take place within our internationally-recognised research groups. We recognise that postgraduate research makes an important contribution to the school and we endeavour to provide an environment where exciting new ideas can be developed and tested. Our cutting-edge research facilities such as the Virtual Reality suite and the Open Lab - the University's centre for digital practice - are an ideal place for innovative thinking and peer-to-peer review.

Research Collaborators

Our research groups maintain active links with other individuals, universities and businesses - in both the UK and internationally. We also collaborate with many other research groups world wide.