School of Natural and Environmental Sciences

Staff Profile

Dr Giles Budge

Head of Science, Fera


I am an applied scientist with expertise in pathology, apiculture, molecular biology and crop protection.  My goal is to find intelligent solutions for real-world problems that ultimately influence policy makers and help industry.  I am currently Head of Crop Science at Fera and have 20 years’ experience of applied research from across three national organisations. I believe that high quality outputs are more likely to result from interdisciplinary science and my ethos is to work collaboratively rather than in isolation. My research interests include:

•    Applying molecular methods to further understand the biology and control of pathogens

•    Using novel diagnostics to support decision making in the field

•    Combining modelling and experimental approaches to elucidate disease aetiology

•    Understanding biogeography and phenotypic variation in pathogen and host populations

•    Characterising endemic and emerging parasites and predicting likely impact