laboratory analyserFrom its origins in 19th Century medicine and the physical sciences, Newcastle University has developed a strong and vibrant interdisciplinary research base, and in biomedicine all units are rated as internationally leading.

In the early years of development, NUMed Malaysia’s research thrust will be to translate the outcomes of work of Newcastle Biomedicine UK to the benefit of patients and the health economy of SE Asia. NUMed Malaysia will act as the ‘expert’ conduit to connect the basic sciences of Newcastle to the needs of the regional partners.

Newcastle Biomedicine’s aim is to support strong basic science that translates to clinical research for the benefit of patients, by encouraging collaborative working between scientists and clinicians across disciplines and specialties. Numerous successful spin-off businesses have emerged from Newcastle’s biomedicine research.

In Newcastle, scientists and clinicians work together in research institutes with a collective aim to make ground-breaking discoveries to lead to the development of new therapies and treatments in the areas of:

The establishment of a culture of research and scholarship will be fundamental to the successful development of NUMed Malaysia, and its research development plan will focus on the translational end of the biomedicine research continuum.

NUMed Malaysia will pursue a long-term evolutionary strategy for the development of its research. This will be based upon maintaining a ‘hub-and-spoke’ relationship with the parent institution’s biomedical research institutes. This arrangement will ensure that NUMed Malaysia’s translational research activities:

  • feed off Newcastle’s areas of established excellence;
  • remain congruent with Newcastle University’s overall research mission;
  • reflect the Newcastle culture and practice of interdisciplinary research and technology transfer.

Most research conducted at NUMed Malaysia will be in the context of co-operative translational research with external partners, although over time, as human capital develops, and links with the Newcastle-based research institutes consolidate, it is anticipated that other forms of funded research will also be undertaken.

For research opportunities at Newcastle University, please contact Michael Whitaker.